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  1. Would you trade a BB order at msrp for this??

    lol 'scalpels' etc. It's a 275hp car, with most of the peak horsepower being at the high end of the rev range. That's lame. It's like a hopped up BRZ at best. Porsche makes some awesome cars, truly exceptional. Their entry level ones are 'neat' but don't justify the performance for the...
  2. Question about Honda extended warranty?

    Feels like it should be valid with any dealership. Imo however I'd just get your money back for it and buy an extended warranty when the time comes. That way you can judge if you need it at all, or if the car is really been in and out of the shop, would you really want to keep it? I...
  3. Hitting the gate between 4th an 6th

    Again - look up adjust CMC - clutch master cylinder - can be done in your driveway with a flashlight. Good luck but yeah, shifting issues= try simple stuff first - dealer is the last option imo.
  4. Would you trade a BB order at msrp for this??

    I still have my M2 and Type R so best of both worlds :) It's really entertaining driving them back to back. (my profile pic is the R with the M2 in the background)
  5. Would you trade a BB order at msrp for this??

    .5 seconds faster 0-60 and will chirp the tires going into 3rd at 60 - dunno man, the Dual Clutch in my M2 is crazy fun. Also has 7th gear which is great for the highway and staying in the power band down low. I got the Type R to fill the stickshift need, but the M2 dual clutch is no joke and...

    Please link the spoon ones you end up going with and post up before / after pictures :)
  7. Would you trade a BB order at msrp for this??

    Man if you want a two seater dual clutch that will actually put a smile on your face go find a used 2017 M2 they are cheaper than that thing and will be more entertaining end to end. Also nobody will be like 'whoa that guys driving his girls car' when you get out of it :)
  8. Would you trade a BB order at msrp for this??

    That Porsche model / type - is the quintissential girls Porsche, just like the Audi TT is the girl Audi. LOL I find it boring, the lines boring, the power not sufficient, and the interior lacking. As with any Porsche to get one you'd actually 'want' you need to be at 100k+ more like 150k+ for...
  9. Would you trade a BB order at msrp for this??

    No, that's a boring girls car.
  10. Hitting the gate between 4th an 6th

    try adjusting your clutch master cylinder there are good walkthroughs on here as a first step. I've never hit that or had that happen in my 2019 and I drive it hard.
  11. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    See my reason to not let a dealership touch the car lol - honestly that looks removable / such a minor issue you should just take it. But we're four pages in on this so def paint it and take your chances! lol Good luck and post up results!

    If only there was an entire for sale section to use for this? And good job no price or pictures, you'll go far in online sales. One post too! Kudos.
  13. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Ship your daughter to @InkedHisto and verify it is disabled. #solutions2020
  14. Its 2020 Dirty 20 and no Civic Type R commercial

    You should try and add a bit more red to the whole setup, it feels like it's lacking a bit? Dunno maybe just me.
  15. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Hell yeah buddy my first mod too! lol
  16. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Wow you just barely saved that lol gj!
  17. Towing CTR with flatbed tow truck

    I wouldn't be comfortable doing it and would rather have it with all four wheels up personally.
  18. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    Can you link the vents you used / got? Just curious to see them.
  19. Hasport Rear Mount Quick take

    No wheel hop for me after going with the Perrin insert.
  20. Help??? Need suggestions on how to install Hasport 82A rear engine mount.

    Vibration normal for that aggressive of a motor mount. If it's too much vibration (NVH) you could just do an insert. I did a Perrin insert instead of a full motor mount. I still have some vibration but nothing near what I estimate a full replacement motor mount would be. Run with it for a...