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  1. Sport vs "base" 1.5T?

    Tanks lol We are 3 civic turbo owners in quebec who blow’s thier engine, always the same issue, bent rods, and we think the fuel quality here in the winter is the cause with too much boost at low rpm. We swap it by the bottom, much easier, if your engine won’t start after the swap check for the...
  2. Hondata Flash Pro

    Run 94oct with the +9 basemap and A LOT of hard pull and i hammer it A LOT at low rpm 2k, miss shift was done in march and the engine blows 2 mounth later, everything was fine till it started to knock in cold start in the Morning This engine cost me 1500$ plus 500$ gasket and fluids, do it...
  3. Hondata Flash Pro

    flashpro dont void warranty but if you bent a rod...good luck for your warranty claim. Dealer honda are now wifi connected with honda canada here, they send data in wifi via the obd tool with a keyboard. I blow my engine but never know the real cause, maybe an over rev or too much low rpm...
  4. Hondata Flash Pro

    If you break something in the internal, they will look all the logging in the ecu to seach for an over rev or engine abuse, when you flash back to stock, in the same time you erase all the logg in the ecu, so if they see no logging in the ecu your done they will suspect a reflashed ecu. If you...
  5. Tuning a Leased car?

    Lease or not honda dont care about it, i'm a good exemple, i put an l15b7 in a hatch sport and they knows and they dont care about it, my car is under warranty but not the crank and rods, if i was made the same thing with subaru or mitsu, after you must buy the car or their lawer will send you a...
  6. Tuning a Leased car?

    not sure about the real cause since carfun said they bent rod at 26psi on 3 of their civic. But i suspect an over rev more than a tune, over rev was made 2 mounth earlier and 2500km before the engine blown, so it's hard to tell, i swap the engine myself with a friend and i run the +9 since the...
  7. Tuning a Leased car?

    There is a lot of update on this since i write my comment, i blown my engine in may and honda denied warranty, now they are able to see everything IF THEY WANT, you can't hide nothing now.
  8. Hondata Flashpro for 6mt

    I'm set at 10 on every gear and there is absolutely no rev hang.
  9. Hondata Flashpro for 6mt

    Like i already said in an other topic, the setting to remove rev hang with hondata is: overrun fuel cut delay, set the value at the lowest possible. Mine have no rev hang noticable after this setting.
  10. After reconnecting battery, Whole sting of errrors

    Is the anti theft icon is pop up too? If yes, do a key relearn If not, drive the car, sometime it can take hours of driving to get all the dash lights off.
  11. 1.5T Finally 311.7 HP! Owen turbo + Custom connecting rod.

    Anyway i run the +9 from hondata and i trust this product, and i know hondata test a lot before releasing a tune.
  12. 1.5T Finally 311.7 HP! Owen turbo + Custom connecting rod.

    Yes i always thinking it was the miss shift did that but when i read what carfun said about the bent rod, this make me perplexed.
  13. 1.5T Finally 311.7 HP! Owen turbo + Custom connecting rod.

    Interesting, since i bent 3 rod on my l15ba and always thinking it's an over rev did 2 mounth earlier, now i see you saying you bent rod with 27psi. Hmmm interesting
  14. FlashPro update 2.7.9- Hondata Mode added (econ button)

    Mine made 17psi on stock tune when we Did dyno in febuary.
  15. Flash back to stock for oil change?

    Reflash to stock, dealer can do an update on your ecu software during an oil change without asking you anything.
  16. FlashPro update 2.7.9- Hondata Mode added (econ button)

    For those who remove rev hang on +6 or +9 dont forget to edited your stock map without rev hang because when you will push eco button rev hang will be there again. Can you confirm that @dc2turbo ?
  17. More fun: No Lift shift, boost lag eliminated, 226 HP, 255 tq calibration

    If you put out more hp/tq than the +9 and want to have more hp/tq again, i think your clutch will have hard time to handle all this torque. I dont know if you run flashpro or ktuner? If you run flashpro your tune is probably the +9 basemap and vit start with this and customise your tune. Anyway...
  18. More fun: No Lift shift, boost lag eliminated, 226 HP, 255 tq calibration

    Just put some torco boost octane in your gas, 35$ Mix it and you had 3 full tank of 94oct, no need for race gas for a DD.