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  1. No more Type R

    Lol who said I'd be "practical"? :thumbsup: The two cars I mentioned are practical for my situation tbh. Both get good gas mileage, both are faster than average cars to help reduce stress, and I can race on the weekends for some quick cash if needed. Plus I don't want to add a prius or something...
  2. No more Type R

    It's not a bad idea, but I'm even more limited on time now than before the flood, plus I don't know how much the buy back would be, might be more than I can spend vs the amount of time and money from part out (part out prices will be much lower since its totalled by flood)
  3. No more Type R

    Update: Insurance is working well at covering the car. Also might be getting into a 400whp evo x or a 300whp s2000. I'll have the rest of the money to get new items that we lost in the flood. Hopefully we find a new place with a garage sooner than we expect. Thank you all for the good vibes...
  4. Drag Build Thread

    Thanks and i'm not going to get another one. Gonna use the money to buy cheaper car and the rest for new furniture and repairs and shit. We are fine down here, just trying to get back on our feet
  5. No more Type R

    Thanks and hell yeah I had fun with that car haha made alot of people butt hurt with it lol
  6. No more Type R

    Thanks we will be turning everything back to normal in a month or so, in a new home that doesn't flood.
  7. No more Type R

    Thanks and yes this is true, my fiance, the puppy, and I are fine, though I'm sick from standing it the flood water for 5 hours :rofl:.
  8. No more Type R

    Thanks and yeah we are staying at a relatives for the time being. Thankfully my office didn't flood so I can still work and build up money still. I'll be needing it lol
  9. Drag Build Thread

    This thread is now dead. Type R has been flooded in the recent floods in southeast Texas. Yall are more than welcome to use the list and create an ultimate drag type r. Someone needs to sow the world that type r's can be drag monsters lol -Akuto
  10. No more Type R

    This past weekend, the floods took 95% of what I owned. That includes the type r. I'll most likely not get another due to prices and needing to spend thousands in furniture and a new home. This will be my last post on the forum. I was a good 7 months of owning the car. One of the best I've...
  11. Bolt Hole Size for CTR Wing

    Yup lol thanks
  12. Oil catch can waste of money?

    You are welcome, and tbh I'd skip on the petcock only because you have to run the extra hosing to an area lower than the can and collect the drainage from there, plus run the wiring (if its electrical). Me personally, im fine with just unscrewing the cans and then screwing them back on. Thats...
  13. Oil catch can waste of money?

    Technically, we require two catch cans, the PCV and the CCV, (PCV being in the rear of the engine bay and CCV being in the front). All in all, it helps longevity of the motor by catching the possible build-up. They are more of a safety measure. Since we are direct injected, we will see more...
  14. Bolt Hole Size for CTR Wing

    Anyone know the diameter of the bolt hole size of the CTR wing? (ones that attach it to the hatchback) If not the hole then what about the bolt itself? I'm moving to a drag set up spoiler and needing to find some plugs for the holes rather than filling them in. (in case i want to put the wing...
  15. Left leg issues when driving - help?

    Sounds like you just aren't use to that kind of extended physical activity. Judging by your height and body weight, you are approx. 40-50 pounds under weight. Try doing some body weight squats and drink more water to help with blood flow to the legs and for them to gain a bit of strength. The...
  16. High Speed Stability is Off After Flat Tire?

    I'm sure its your tires. Mine did the same thing with some shit tires on.
  17. !!! Kakimoto Exhaust, WHERE? !!!

    Nope, sent a couple emails too
  18. Essential cooling mods?

    It does not occur at the cowl due to high pressure zone. The water being SPRAYED at the car will deflect in multiple directions, including upwards. Think of it as how it really is. The air is stationary and we are passing through it, rather than air spraying us. More of like jumping into a...
  19. Essential cooling mods?

    Also here is a video showing cowl induction. I have no idea what the guy is saying though lol regardless this is what opening that piece at the cowl does.