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  1. C&R Radiator Installed

    I haven’t run into any issues running the track version on the street even in 95F ambient temps. The car cools down much more rapidly compared to stock. ECT 2 temps haven’t gone past 185 for me. Email Cory at [email protected] and drop my name, Michael Wiellett
  2. Lust's FK8 Civic Type R Track & Street Build

    I notice it everywhere. The steering response is more immediate. Definitely an improvement over stock. No weird noises either. Highly recommend the RV6 pieces
  3. Lust's FK8 Civic Type R Track & Street Build

    Yea I left everything on factory adjustments from RV6. I think the middle setting is great for street. Still waiting to get on track for more testing
  4. Lust's FK8 Civic Type R Track & Street Build

    Yes you can definitely tuck the wheel now with both camber adjustments. I kept both. The SPC is stronger and has less flex compared to stock. Initial impressions of the RV6 arms and rear sway are really good. Turn in feels so good and the car feels much more planted
  5. Car got its first beauty mark

    And this is why PPF is so worth it.
  6. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    If you haven’t bought it walk away. I wouldn’t even want to deal with that
  7. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    Look at my above post. Take it to a detailer to determine if it’s a surface contaminant or something below the clear. If it’s below the clear I would have it taken to a trust body shop that can paint match well. I wouldn’t have them blend into the doors though
  8. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    Hard to tell from pictures but it looks like it might be contaminated from transit. Have a detailer look at it and see if it can be removed via chemicals or polishing
  9. Are 2020 Civic Type R's Still Overheating on track?

    I’ve heard of Wagner and heard good things but I haven’t seen any real data or race pedigree. No one I know runs one.
  10. Ran Carbotech XP-20's up front for the first time at VIR - a word caution

    Ive ran PMU CR Front and Rear before, they’re a good intermediate pad but they wore out quickly. I actually wore out all of the pad material at laguna and almost had catastrophic failure going into T2. Not the pads fault as I was pushing it past their limit. They lasted me some street miles and...
  11. Road racing wheel and tire combo

    Titan 7s seem to be the go-to forged track day beater wheel. For lapping I recommend Hankook RS4 For fastest lap times I recommend Yoko A052 for 200TW Anything past that you’re looking at Hoosiers or something similar
  12. 2020 Type R 2k miles Rotors are scored up on all 4 wheels

    Wow the OP truly doesn’t know jack about these cars. I am thrice now telling you it’s a rock between your dust shield and rotor. If your pads were constantly dragging you would see more pad material on the rotor and it would turn blue. The brakes grabbing on the incline is the hill assist...
  13. 2020 Type R 2k miles Rotors are scored up on all 4 wheels

    Sounds like a rock stuck between the rotor and the dust shield to me.
  14. Mod suggestions - FK8

    Check out the Remark Spec III for a triple tip exhaust
  15. Mod suggestions - FK8

    Yup just look at class rules. The stock intake is actually pretty efficient as it is. You won’t gain much from a full intake. Most people just drop in a K&N and call it a day. My focus would be on brakes, tires, and cooling
  16. Mod suggestions - FK8

    Do you plan to track the car seriously at all? If it’s a daily driver and you’re looking for a tiny boost in power, I would do the following 1. HKS Legamax Exhaust 2. KTuner with the Stage 1 tune 3. PRL HVI 4. Radium Oil Catch Can PCV side 5. PWR street radiator 6. PWR/HKS/USR/GReddy oil...
  17. Are 2020 Civic Type R's Still Overheating on track?

    If there was any significant improvement with the 2020 grill and radiator, I would have said so. There wasn’t much to say at all about the upgrades other than it simply doesn’t work.
  18. Are 2020 Civic Type R's Still Overheating on track?

    I still find my HKS to be adequate on street even in 90F+ temps. I’m usually seeing charge temps of around 10-20F above ambient. Another thing to pay attention to is the flow and pressure. IAT is important but not the entire equation.
  19. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    Here come all of the uninformed people who didn’t bother to read the thread
  20. Are 2020 Civic Type R's Still Overheating on track?

    If you plan to track the car I would recommend against the PRL and going with a PWR, HKS, or GReddy IC because they’re tube and fin. They’re able to dissipate heat faster and they flow more air through to the radiator. Once the PRL gets heat soaked you’re pretty much toast. The advantage though...