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  1. Would you trade a BB order at msrp for this??

    People love to say that but it really doesn't matter. The Type R and M2 are waaaaay more fun to drive than the new Supra and tons of other two seaters. The FK8 btw was designed as a Type R first and then scaled down for the mass market, not the other way around.
  2. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    Disclaimer: I'm no expert on fuel pumps I've had my fuel pump replaced by the recall. I notice absolutely no difference in the way the car performs before and after. I'm on the 93 Hondata basemap with stock parts 22k miles. It could really just be this heat. It's been an insanely hot summer so...
  3. Hitting the gate between 4th an 6th

    All "lockout" has ever been was people hitting the the gate between shift points. There has never been an actual lockout as a common issue.

    Yeah it really doesn't sound like any four cylinder I've ever heard. If Honda could have made the Type R sound like that the car would be so much more legendary.

    Do you guys remember this unveiling video from Honda? Skip to 50 seconds. Where is that exhaust sound on the actual car?
  6. 2018 or 2019 Type R?

    The headunit is just nicer overall. It has a volume knob, physical buttons for increasing or decreasing the AC fan speed, and physical buttons along the left instead of touch buttons. Definitely worth the upgrade.
  7. Will my engine blow up?

    Go to the Si forum and read everything you can and ask your questions there. You'll learn everything you need to know.
  8. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    That's nonsense. The Type R isn't impressive just for a FWD, it's impressive period. The Type R is faster around the Nurburgring than RWD track focused cars with more power than the Type R that are well over double the cost. Just off the top of my head, the Type R has a better 'ring time than...
  9. Base model 11th gen spied in Columbus, OH

    Civic Si, Civic Type R, and NSX is a little bit light when it comes to fun cars. They could use a new manual roadster to round it out.
  10. New Manual Driver

    No damage from something like that. Be sure to downshift next time. If you floored it in a high gear at 1200rpm uphill all the time you might eventually have issues.
  11. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    Ah dang that's right. Best bet might be to just check with the local dealers once in a while to see if your vin pops up for the recall.
  12. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    I just punched my vin into this site and the recall came up right away. If the recall doesn't show up for your vin I imagine you're good.
  13. Max boost on a base model 1.5t before things get sketchy

    Ktuner basemaps are probably as high as you should go if you want to keep it as reliable as can be. The non Si engine cannot take the punishment the Si one can.
  14. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    You have much of that backwards.. The stock Type R beats the Z4, V6 Supra, and BMW M2 on the track and does so with much less power. The Type R is the better built car. The difference in depreciation is a testament to which car is better built. Android Auto and Apple Carplay are better than iDrive.
  15. Si or Type R for College Student?

    The Si is a sweet car but the Type R is 5x the car the Si is. I had both for over a year- still have the R of course.
  16. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    I wouldn't say you set expectations too high- you just had the wrong kind of expectations. It sounds like you just want a car that is quick from a stop- a FWD car was never going to be that. The Type R is a driver's car. The combination of handling performance, braking performance, and...
  17. you guys are right these civics are chip magnets.

    Find a small auto paint/scratch repair shop. They can paint match and get rid of half a dozen chips and it looks 99.9% perfect unless you really look extremely close and it's only like 50-100 bucks. A large company would charge the better part of a grand for the same work.
  18. My new Civic Type R vs my wifes Ford Taurus SHO

    Not a chance in hell. The Type R has a superior power to weight ratio. The SHO is 11.85 pounds per horsepower, Type R is 10.18 pounds per horsepower. If the SHO won from a roll it is 100% driver error. You either had the traction control cutting power or your shifts were slow/not at the right...
  19. Keep the warranty or tune the car???

    Tune it. I didn't tune mine until I was around 21k miles. I'm on a stock car with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S as the only "mod" and a Hondata 93 octane tune. It's a completely different car and I mean that in a good way- the rev hang delete makes shifting even better, you can accelerate like twice...
  20. What’s your most loved/hated thing about your Si?

    Loved - How you give up basically nothing by going with an Si. At this price point it is crazy how well equipped it is, how practical it is, and how fun to drive it is. Hated - Not really hated since it is fixable easy enough with a tune but I wish it had just a tad more power stock.