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  1. My Black Stone oil analysis result on 2017 Ex HB

    I've used one in the past, before I had a garage. That one pictured is fancier. Look up 12V Oil Extractor Pump. With mine, you connect a tube to each end of the pump, lower the skinny tube down the oil check tube, place the other in a container, and flip a switch. Problem with using an...
  2. PRL Motorsports Downpipe / Front Pipe Pre-Order 1.5T Civic X

    Environmental Stewardship. Paraphrasing Uncle Ben: Mo power, mo responsibility. I have an O2 sensor extension with a 90 degree bend and inline catalytic medium. So, I think I could get my PRL to stay CEL free if I needed to. I don't need to though (see below) , and have no interest in removing...
  3. 2017 Civic LX CVT Dyno Results

    So you were on slicks then? :p I had a few runs with times in that range, so S or L. I did perform a mild brake boost. Tires didn't spin for long, but they didn't hook either. The track I go to has the pools of water for rwd cars placed so they are unavoidable.
  4. 2017 Civic LX CVT Dyno Results

    So OP's track conditions weren't drastically different from mine. Idk... Maybe the dyno was generous? I would never thought I am making that much tq/hp, and with a quicker time I'm making more. Just puts the fear in me. @Myx To the point about you're being unable to dyno, not having paddles...
  5. 2017 Civic LX CVT Dyno Results

    What was the weather like? Elevation/grade of the track? I thought running a non-paddle cvt on a dyno was a non-starter. Now, I'm wondering if I should get on a dyno before tuning or modding any further. My 1/8 time, from when I only had front and down pipes upgraded, was 9.1s at 81mph. I did...
  6. My Black Stone oil analysis result on 2017 Ex HB

    1.5% is fine. I've had a 7500mi OCI before. If my car wasn't covidling so dang much, I was gonna go for 8-10k mi OCI. Your UOA has 75x the magnesium as any of mine... Highest I was measured at was 11. Other than that, you have very low wear numbers compared to me. I range 12-17 on Al, and...
  7. The maximum boost of cvt

    +1 for don't finagle I've targeted 26psi before. Not worth it on the base model turbo, probably even the Si isn't too much better at that pressure. My current tune is good for 22-23psi. I've run a homemade tune that gets me mid 24psi. I have a few variations of it. They're good for...
  8. Max boost on a base model 1.5t before things get sketchy

    21/22psi is about the optimal max IMO. 24 or 26psi can be done, but the returns are greatly diminished as the turbo is too small to push much more air. Much more heat at that level.
  9. Base model 11th gen spied in Columbus, OH

    Is that really the hood? The side profile view makes it look like there's got to be 5-10 more cu ft in the engine compartment. Bigger intercooler? Bigger turbo and/or larger turbo inlet?
  10. 2017 Civic LX CVT Dyno Results

    Does this model have paddles?
  11. Can someone explain torque vs. engine speed?

    Yeah- gotta hit that heavy bag as it moves away
  12. Oil Catch Can Necessary For 1.5L Turbo?

    By hand. I guess you could bolt something to it to get some more controllable torque.
  13. CVT Fluid Change

    I changed mine in the last month. I think I had 40% remaining per MM. The first time I changed the fluid just before 15k mi, and this time the fluid had about 24k mi on it. I had an analysis done.... Not the best- I will be changing it again in ~15k mi and doing the filter change. Way more...
  14. Oil Catch Can Necessary For 1.5L Turbo?

    That's not how ours works. That's port injection in addition to direct injection. We only have direct. Catch cans only reduce carbon contributions from PCV. EGR or valve overlap (I don't know if the civic does both) contribute uncombusted stuffs. Another contribution, if not the potentially...
  15. Solenoid Valve Circuit Malfunction

    My battery won't hold a charge for the long idle periods the continued coronavirus lockdown and my now working from home has lead to. Can't say for sure, but I don't think it is related. I used a can of STP's intake valve cleaner. That's the thing I attribute to having made the issue go away. A...

    Long awaited folks... Here's what will become our more performant CVT. Inexpensive, and easy to repair! CVT Dream, one piece at a time
  17. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    Also..... If there was a kickstarter for a TCM tune, LSD kit, and enhanced CVT belt... I'd throw money at it. Probably just the tune and LSD could enhance the compatibility with higher torque on the internals. If ever, we'll probably only see swaps if an ILX or Accord gets a CVT on a v6 or 230+...
  18. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    Folks are saying $3600 to replace the CVT. Unfortunately, mass produced stuff exhibits an array of failure rates. Someone's car has to represent the unfortunate statistical range. Only "problem" with my CVT is a second or so until it engages when shifting from neutral. Other than that, my BBG...
  19. CVT fluid change ,but no reminder

    I put the car on stands, and I loosened the check bolt. Some fluid seeped down the threading. So, I lowered the car and started it + ran through the shifter positions a few times. Then, I put the car back on stands, and removed the check bolt. Three drops came out. If I hadn't poured a bit of...