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  1. CV Axle Grease Buildup?

    If out of warranty just keep driving until it does actually become a drivability issue. Bearings don’t just catastrophically fail without making noise for awhile.
  2. Hard to shift in First gear/ Dealership reply...

    The first gear lockout at a stop seems to be a normal characteristic of the manual transmission on all of the 10th gen civics. That clutch and flywheel doesn’t even look that bad. If the lockout is happening more than 25% of the time, i’d be concerned. Happens every once in awhile in my Si.
  3. Opinion on lug color

    Blue would still look good even if it’s not the same blue as the wheels. Would make the lugs pop.
  4. Steering Wheel Free Play Issues?

    Big O tires is one of the shadiest tire shops i’ve ever been to. They’re the kind if place that will make you sit in the waiting room for 3 hours and never touch your car then drive it around the store and park it somewhere else and say they did the work.
  5. Steering Wheel Free Play Issues?

    Never seen a post on this forum in 4 years about control arms going bad. I’ve seen control arm bushing go bad on cars that are over 10 yrs old and have 200k+ miles.
  6. Steering Wheel Free Play Issues?

    Big O tires messed up your car. Why aren’t you having them fix it? Walk up to the counter. Tell them your steering is messed up after getting an alignment here. Please figure out what you did wrong. Control arms dont just go bad all of a sudden. Their idiot employee didnt tighten something...
  7. k20C2 CVT TURBO-ED!!!

    No hate here. You have the means to do this without devastating consequences, that’s a great thing for this platform and forum.
  8. k20C2 CVT TURBO-ED!!!

    You ever put some time behind the wheel of a 9 speed in the Ridgeline or pilot? It’s surprisingly nice driving my GF’s Ridgeline. The boomers complain about it being slow and sluggish, but if you actually understand how VCM works and know how to use the D/S button when needed, it’s fantastic.
  9. 2jz swap

    The short answer, Jhardman, is that it’s not worth the trouble. Is it possible? Maybe with a lot of money, but you can’t just engine swap newer cars like you could older cars. It would be a more realistic project on a late 90s or early 2000s civic. What it would take on a 10th gen civic, it...
  10. 2jz swap

    Oh yes
  11. k20C2 CVT TURBO-ED!!!

    @Romeoridgee is your 10th gen now your fun car? What else are you driving now? You would probably have a “better-than-most” idea of what you can do with the car. You’ve been fixing them for the past 6 years. I feel like the CVT is going to be the biggest issue turbo’ing the k20c2. The L15B7...
  12. k20C2 CVT TURBO-ED!!!

    If the most highly reputable tuning company for this platform tells you that you’re going to blow it up, then you’re probably going to blow it up. If you’re fine and dandy with blowing it up, then have at it. We love seeing people waste their money and blowing up engines here. Helps...
  13. Engine noise under light acceleration.

    Anybody who works on these like to not put the aluminum belly pan cover back on correctly when they finish servicing them. So they’re always missing 3-4 quarter turn screws and the front screws. They’ll bend them all up because they cant take 5 seconds to figure out how to get it on right...
  14. Am I lugging the engine?

    The Si was made to be wrung out. It has shift lights and it was advertised as being a track ready car from the factory…. Above 3500 RPM is when the turbo spools real fast and you get some nice throttle response. You probably aren’t hurting the car, but i don’t know why you want to drive it...
  15. My half shaft bearing seal is leaking MTF?

    Drivers side doesn’t have that support bearing. Passenger side is longer.
  16. Window seals not so sealent. Lots road noise.

    Lets see some pics of the seal where it is letting air in. Maybe it just needs to be reseated properly. That stuff can get pulled out of place easily.
  17. My half shaft bearing seal is leaking MTF?

    Has to be replaced. Do you still have warranty? If not just keep driving until you start having issues from it.
  18. Si Warped Rotors

    That rust is bad! How’s the rest of the undercarriage?
  19. Si Warped Rotors

    I did pads/rotors all 4 corners on my 17 Si at 80k because I couldn’t stand the shaking any more. I found that there wasn’t really any grease on anything. I had lots of pad material left. Rears were wearing a bit unevenly, which seems common. I did get my brakes pretty hot on some curvy...
  20. Is the 2.0L known to consume oil?

    Honda engines don’t burn any significant amount of oil unless someone has abused it. If your engine burns oil, you screwed up somewhere or you bought a car that someone didn’t do basic maintenance on, period. I’m not talking about D and B-series engines from the 90s