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  1. Best Downpipe on the market?

    Front pipes go well with downpipes when upgrading but definitely make sure to get the downpipe first.
  2. Best Downpipe on the market?

    A carefuly placed defouler can help with this. RV6 typically includes one. I've seen RV6 catless downpipes go thousands of miles without a CEL thanks to the defouler. The emissions system error results in a check engine light. You can use a tune to hide the check engine light in some cases but...
  3. Best Downpipe on the market?

    Nope, most aftermarket performance oriented catalytic converters don't filter well enough to prevent emissions system errors.
  4. AP Racing CP9660 6 Pot BBK Upgrade

    One in each color please. :D
  5. Two Step Performance - Utter Garbage

    Your attitude regarding this makes me wonder if they should even bother trying to help you out anymore at this point.
  6. [RESOLVED] Help! Can’t get ball joint back into LCA!!!

    Make sure the axle is correctly seated, if not, you will not be able to get close enough to reattach it there. It comes out pretty easily during a suspension upgrade such as this.
  7. Fire hawks or Michelin pilot sports… the answer!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you notice any significant difference in road noise after making the switch?
  8. TSP Block Build Begins

    Looks great but I hope nobody bumps it!
  9. *HELP* with cylinder 1 misfire

    You can try swapping the coil pack to another cylinder and seeing if the misfire moves as well. As others have indicated, fuel injectors are unfortunately a common point of failure for this platform.
  10. Resignator delete

    For what it's worth the muffler is there to make it quiet. The resonator is good for getting rid of drone and other harsh sounds. It will also decrease volume a bit.
  11. *HELP* with cylinder 1 misfire

    Are you using NGK plus and an OEM coil pack? Also:
  12. Help Finding This......

    Hey @kshawn you tear these engines up all the time, do you have any good leads for this part? :dunno:
  13. Is this ktuner locked?

    You can re-use the same email address, no worries.
  14. 2019 Si Sunroof Goes Belly Up

    Yikes! Glad that was covered for you.
  15. Help identifying this part name or issue?

    That's your inspection cover for the clutch. You can take it off and take a look inside. I'm guessing that you will find it to be dry in there and that your leak is coming from somewhere else, but it won't hurt to take look.
  16. Flex fuel question

    I may or may not have traded a car back to Honda like that. I didn't have a replacement fuel line at the time so I just let them have the flex fuel sensor. :lol:
  17. Tuning... Do you think we're moments away from what Cobb just did?

    Short answer: no However, I do think you will see more "green" options continue to come to the table.
  18. ARP head studs

    Define "soon".
  19. KEFI, ARE YOU IN HERE BUDDY????? Anybody here in touch with him currently?

    As noted above he is prioritizing some family issues at the moment. I do not want to share all of his personal business here but here is the end of said post: ------