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  1. 2019 Civic Hatch build

    Got some new wheels but having issues with rubbing. I like the wheel and how they fill in the wheel well but I am getting chunks taken out of the tires from the fender lip. got a smaller tire which lessened the problem but didn't stop it. I'm not 100% that a fender roll will help. Mat have to...
  2. 2019 Civic Hatch build

    I'm a good bit away from Brenham area but I do a lot of driving around Houston. Can't remember the last time I drove the Civic that way though
  3. 2019 Civic Hatch build

    I live in the Liberty area but Houston is the big city nearest to me. I work there, dr appointments, shopping, you name it.
  4. 2019 Civic Hatch build

    Hood is custom using a WRX scoop. The fenders, front bumper, and side skirts are OEM Type R. I'm looking to pic up a Type R rear bumper this week for cheap enough but unsure of the fit. I can always modify it if I decide to use the whole thing. Wheels are sitting in the shop. I've ordered the...
  5. 2019 Civic Hatch build

    Been lurking through the forum for a while and not actually posting so I figured I owed everyone something. Scrolling back through the pictures and it looks like my Civic grew up. My end goal is outrageous 90's ricer look for anyone who thinks it's over the top
  6. Building custom rear diffuser

    I'm checking out abs plastic to make a custom rear diffuser and wondering what size plastic is used. 1/8 seems to thin but 1/4 seems to thick. Wondering what you've used
  7. Bumper garnish radar not working

    Well, the fix is simple common sense. The mesh was causing issues. Once the mesh was trimmed around the radar and the plate put back on the garnish, the error messages went away and haven't come back..
  8. Bumper garnish radar not working

    I realized I didn't take something into consideration. I attached the plate in the front and back of the new garnish but still have the mesh in place. I'm thinking it is picking up the mesh. Plan is to trim it and attach the plate. It will have to be a different day though
  9. Texas WTB Front end body parts

    FYI, I don't pay "friends and family" for goods to strangers unless they are standing in front of me with the parts. Especially if they thousands of miles away.
  10. Bumper garnish radar not working

    I drove the car about 20 miles this morning with just the mesh and it never reset the warning. The mile was after the plate was put back in. I'll leave the plate where it is and put some more miles.on it and see how it goes
  11. Bumper garnish radar not working

    Not long after putting the plate on. I strapped it on with zip ties in place and drove it for about a mile. Once it came on I went back to the shop to tey something else
  12. Bumper garnish radar not working

    I have been searching the forum for an answer but yet to find any. I replaced my front bumper fog light garnish with a mesh cover and of course I get the error message. I took the plate off my old one placed it in front of the radar on the outside of the garnish and it still comes on. I then...
  13. Texas WTB Front end body parts

    I'm looking into aftermarket too.
  14. Texas WTB Front end body parts

    2019 Type R I'm looking for a few things, stock is fine. Located in Houston, Texas. Shipping is necessary unless within the vicinity. Picture shows all parts other than the inner fenders. I need: Inner fenders for both sides Front lip Lower grill vent covers for each side bottom pan If you...
  15. My 2017 Civic Touring Build

    Did you do any more to the underside of the hood? If so, got pics? I've been working on a new hood for mine and need to finish it out underneath. Curious how you did the edges
  16. My 2017 Civic Touring Build

    It looks good. What kind of heat issues did you have?
  17. 2017 Civic Hatchback sport garnish (skirt) to type R installation possible?

    It's been so long since I looked at it I honestly don't remember. I have some new parts coming in so I'm back on that project.
  18. Civic sport

    Did you have to get any new brackets to bolt them up?
  19. Type R fender for Sport

    Yes, the fenders will bolt directly but the bottom is flush with standard Civic, Sport,SI side skirts, not Type R
  20. 2017 Civic Hatchback sport garnish (skirt) to type R installation possible?

    Sorry Black lightning I completely missed your question. I'm sure you've got it by now though