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  1. RV6 Retro flywheel

    Is there a solid date as to when we can purchase the type r retro flywheel? I am in need of a new clutch asap! Thank you
  2. AREA's 18 MSM SI Coupe build! LABWORKZ

    Whats up guys! I just bought a brand new 2018 Modern Steel Metallic SI Coupe. I have had it two weeks and already have goodies arriving for this daily build! Red steering wheel emblem makes the steering wheel pop! Smoked corner lamps with new LED bulbs! Red Type R badges for the front...
  3. Another SI for me!!!

    Whats up guys! I just purchased a new 2018 SI last week and joined the forums. I needed a car asap due to wrecking my 8th gen SI. Wanted to stop in and say whats up! Posted some pics below from the dealer to tucked away in my shop at home. MODS ON THE WAY SOON!!!