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  1. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    The most reliable source is a prepaid critical backorder through the dealer.
  2. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    Here are a couple photos. The kit includes the fuel joint (not fuel pipe) which is strongly recommended to be replaced due to the crush assembly. The part ID for the injectors is similar but includes an extra 0. To my knowledge, these can no longer be purchased independent of the fuel joint...
  3. Difference between 2020 Si suspension and HFP?

    After riding on the HFP system, I will say it is arguably the best spring/damper combo you can get under $2K. IMHO, there's no other setup that offers the range of flexibility that HFP does. I was very skeptical of what was being described as "softer" spring rates. But I actually think they are...
  4. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    Yes, they come packaged with the fuel joint.
  5. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    And to clarify, "first come first served" simply means waiting in line after placing a CBO through the dealer.
  6. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    I was quite surprised myself. After doing a bit of digging, and as mentioned earlier in this thread, this appears to be their third mass injector failure in under 5 years. Why they didn't rotate in another supplier like Denso is beyond me. I've heard there are still over 2K prepaid orders in queue.
  7. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    It took nearly 12 weeks but I received mine. They are still on backorder and subject to first come, first served.
  8. K.con question

    If it were me, I'd take to the dealer to have hooked up to the HDS (or have your mechanic do if he has one).
  9. What to track on Ktuner V2

    There are plenty of varying opinions on the topic. What you display often depends on what you want to monitor in real-time. Here's what I track: AFR STFT LTFT K Control K Count (or DIFP) ECT MAP/Boost IAT 1 IAT 2 When my injector began leaking, my AFR immediately went rich at idle, my K Con...
  10. PO139 Help

    This should help:
  11. K.con question

    Yeah they’re on nationwide backorder. I heard their supplier released a few recently. But there are reportedly over 2K+ orders in queue. And some have orders still pending from May. MSRP should be around $600 for the injector/pipe assembly, plus another $200 for the fuel joint pipe. Used is...
  12. K.con question

    Sounds like injector 1 “might” be leaking. How’s your STFT at idle?
  13. Car is not starting and obd not working after ktuner

    I would test the key next to the start button as mentioned above. If still an issue, then check for a loose ground/connection. If no issue is found, then double-check the connection at the OBDII plug. Honda's port is a tad fickle and may require applying a little pressure on the backside to...
  14. K.con question

    I noticed this is FL. Are you using 91 or 93?
  15. Car loses power check engine light flashing

    My vote is a clogged injector causing the lean condition at idle. And your ECU is probably maxing out fuel trims to compensate. My understanding is that the only way to diagnose injectors (without pulling them) is by using Honda's proprietary scan tool. If you've ruled out vacuum/unmetered air...
  16. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    Still backlogged. 6-12 week delay from when the order is placed.
  17. Design's Long Term Ownership Thread - 2017 Si

    Update at 111K. Injectors are still on backorder, but can now be ordered with a 4-8 week delay. New Part # is 06160-5PA-305 and includes the fuel pipe. Unfortunately, it's likely these will be unavailable online for some time, and I will have to place a direct order through the dealer at full...
  18. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    Quick update. The revised injectors are beginning to trickle out from Honda. ETA is 4-8 weeks from when you place your order through the dealer. As far as I know, this part is expected to remain on backorder for some time. If anyone is able to successfully order online, post here and I'll...

    They stopped sale on the old condensers some time ago. I’d be very surprised if they didn’t use the revised part ID on all warranty work. It should also be noted that the recent warranty extension applies to the compressor seal only. Mechanical failures or normal wear & tear won’t apply.
  20. Public Service Announcement: Si Fuel Injectors

    Not sure? But typically anything is going to be usage/mileage-based.