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  1. Warranty

    I bet my long ass paragraph that I just wrote applies to all car manufactures so for OP to dismiss Honda on this angle is unreasonable, and on principle is dismissing all other car manufacturers. If you're moving overseas, keep the car here, or sell it. Don't care if the military 'allows' you to...
  2. Warranty

    Because the regional divisions that operate within Honda are very protective of their supply chain/logistics. Go to your dealership right now and go ask for parts relating to the headlamp washers/pano roof or anything that is specific to the German models. Parts guy will look at you like you...
  3. Warranty

    OP might not even be talking about extended and just the factory warranty. I'll never base my assumptions on past experiences, but if your Si breaks due to a defect in Germany, I'm still wondering how a dealership there would source parts for it. They can't use the ones off the hatch model they...
  4. The lack of volume knob post 5000km ownership

    When you live in Calgary and have -20C one day and then +30 the next...
  5. Warranty

    Double Post
  6. Warranty

    I'll give you an example that works the other way. Say you lived in Germany on a full time basis and owned an S class with a 4 cylinder diesel that you would have no hope of seeing in the US. You move to the US and bring your car with you and expect Mercedes Benz USA to warranty it? Technicians...
  7. Hatchback Sport Ralley Red or Aegean Blue

    You live in Sudbury Ontario yet Azure blue doesn't even exist. I would assume you're talking about Aegean Blue and that's the colour I would get.
  8. Warranty

    So does any other plain John Smith who decides to move to Germany and ship his vehicle with him. Your military status is the reason you're moving but hardly qualifies you for any preferential treatment compared to anyone else that has moved to the same area. Therefore, it's actually irrelevant...
  9. The lack of volume knob post 5000km ownership

    There are a lot more owners who have owned the car for 1.5 years now with far more mileage than you who are clearly content enough with it to NOT post about it so...
  10. Warranty

    At what point does your military credentials have any influence on whether Honda warranties your car in Germany or not?
  11. Type R steering wheel install

    Then don't do it because if you don't have the tools, chances are you'll break something that'll cost you more in replacement than the tool itself.
  12. Type R steering wheel install

    I ordered Wednesday and had it overnighted to Calgary, and my Purolator shipping label said it was from Montreal ;) so thank you to a very nice tip I received! With that said, can any if you who had it installed tell me if the wrinkles and creases in the leather near the spokes get smoothed out...
  13. Type R steering wheel install

    I just picked up my steering wheel from the dealer so if you're buying it off eBay for $300+ then you're a fucking idiot.
  14. Type R steering wheel install

    Rather give $120 to Honda than $300 to some random guy who's taking advantage of the market lol
  15. Type R steering wheel install

    I shoulda noticed, your occupation says "Sales"
  16. Can we start breaking the Type R forum into sub forums?

    I actually don't mind this idea. It allows Type R owners to have their exclusivity while preserving the integrity of all Civic models regardless of performance. That's the one think I like about this forum compared to 9G or 8G. Last thing I want to see, especially being one of the first members...
  17. Type R steering wheel install

    If a potential wheel buyer ever sees your posts I bet you they'd rather drown in a hot vat of vegemite than buy off your unethical ass lol
  18. Lanewatch in Canada not US?

    The last thing I want to hear is Americans buying up limited Canadian allocations. We don't have enough cars as it is, we don't need importers taking advantage to make our lives worse.