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  1. Submit Requests to get a Non-Sport Hatchback Cat-back Exhaust Built!

    I’d imagine you guys would need enough to offset their cost of research and development. No point in making it if they aren’t going to make a profit lol. So I would say you’d at least need 500+ people, should be enough of a push. 100-300 people I feel like wouldn’t be enough incentive for them...
  2. 2019 Sonic Gray Hatchback: Black chip vs White chip on car?

    You can touch it up or go to a body shop and get it repainted for a couple hundred
  3. 2019 Sonic Gray Hatchback: Black chip vs White chip on car?

    If it’s black then that means it took the paint off and went all the way to the raw bumper plastic. I would assume the white you saw was the primer. I would buy a touch up pen, this won’t be your last time needing it that’s for sure..
  4. LED side marker switch back question

    And what happens with the red wire connected and turn signals activated
  5. LED side marker switch back question

    The turn signal harness usually have 3 wires: a ground, a constant 12v, and the normal flashing when you activate the switch for the turn signal. Your probably tapped into the constant 12v. Black is ALWAYS ground so then just move the tap to the other wire that’s not black. If without the tap...
  6. Photographers! Post your civic pictures! Pic Heavy!

    Thanks man, the wheels are Avid1 AV27 18x8.5
  7. Front Strut Tower Bar Survey

    Do you have a photo?
  8. Front Strut Tower Bar Survey

    It should fit, but if you have that black top piece that comes stock on the struts up top, that has to be removed to have more bolt thread engagement. All that matters is the strut bolts if they’re in the stock location/length should be no issues. All the adjustment are within the strut hole...
  9. Found Some Weird Substance in Engine Bay

    Money is on its a rodent also
  10. California legal Intake ?

    But once I do need to, buddy of mine does smog checks.. so I got the connect to pass, THANKFULLY
  11. California legal Intake ?

    Its a new car, dont need to get it smog checked yet
  12. Max tire width on stock rims?

    Just look at tires that offer a lip around the wheel that protects it. summer tires: Michelin PS4S All seasons: Continental ContiProContact I’m sure there’s way more tires, but these are the one I know for sure that have that protective ridge
  13. Aftermarket Headlights

    Just add a resister
  15. May i see your hatch backs

    Lunar Silver for the win
  16. 16 Civic EX-T exhaust suggestions??

    There are no aftermarket exhaust systems for your trim. The only ones to have a market for them are Si’s, hatch Sport’s, and the CTR. Your going to have to go custom exhaust, install a catless downpipe, or cut mufflers and/or resonator
  17. Need suggestion on buying a 2018 Civic hatchback LX

    Not much can go wrong at 7k mechanically, unless they ruthlessly beat the crap out of it 24/7. Really only collision/cosmetic damage, but since it has none your looking golden. Especially since it still has warranty
  18. Need to be schooled on 2020 civic sport

    Only buy a short ram intake if it comes with a heat shield (a cover around the filter to separate it from the engine bay hot air). If it does not you will be losing hp because of heatsoaked intake temperatures. I recommend a cold air intake though. Either 27won or PRL CAI are both good products...
  19. Steering wheel emblem

    Your only option will be to glue it back or buy a new steering wheel air bag. It does not come separate it’s attached to the airbag unit on the steering wheel. It’s a couple hundred of $$$, sort of a costly mistake
  20. Best intake for the 2019 Hatchback Sport: sound vs performance?

    I’m not entirely sure how it is without a PRL IC, since I bought/installed both at the same time. It should be fine with e CAI with a stock Intercooler, but if you want to ink out every hp you can I recommend upgrading it. After 3 hard pulls (especially tuned) the stock IC gets heat soaked...