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  1. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Stock turbo on flex fuel can make 270-280whp if I remember correctly. You can probably get a flex fuel kit and push it even more
  2. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Damn lol all good
  3. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    You have any vids?
  4. Clutch Install places or people

    I would recommend Eman's clutch and maybe Hybrid works is a great place with a bunch of cool guy's there. highly...
  5. PRL Cobra CARB approval?

    And the answer is still no lol
  6. Type R Clutch/Flywheel in an Si

    Eman did finally get some more rings in yesterday so expect more to be available
  7. Type R Clutch/Flywheel in an Si

    That's funny because my homie bought it like last month or so
  8. Type R Clutch/Flywheel in an Si

    A cheaper CTR retro kit utilizing the CM ring retrofitted onto the FK8 flywheel. $1500, available to ship on May 8th.
  9. Type R Clutch/Flywheel in an Si

    No need to message. Just buy it
  10. KTuner basemaps for 27WON W1 turbo now available

    Just get a custom tune or etune from DRob simple as that
  11. Tsp misfire Knock.

    I'd go for the parts and then custom tune afterwards
  12. Tsp misfire Knock.

    The knock control can be anywhere between .49-.9 as that's the ecu doing it's job adjusting to whatever quality of fuel used. I am normally around .49-.65 on 91 Cali pump gas with all my bolt ons and tuned by DRob too. I am not misfiring even if it shows on the side piece. Here's what DRob said...
  13. Tsp misfire Knock.

    If your not throwing a misfire code then you ain't misfiring simple as that.
  14. Tsp misfire Knock.

    Here’s an answer by the tuner who made the tsp stage tunes as well as the most known and respected 10th gen tuner
  15. Tsp misfire Knock.

    Also if you were misifiring you’d throw a code
  16. Tsp misfire Knock.

    You aren’t having real misfire is your knock control is within .49-.90 depending on your fuel used. Also if your knock count isn’t climbing by the hundreds then you aren’t misfiring.
  17. Tranny Issue Cure!!!

    Not every car has that issue. Better to open it up a little bit more lol doesn’t hurt. It’s hard to know who has that issue till a gear goes out
  18. SPEC clutch update

    Well not one single complaint from those who have purchased it other then price I guess lol. which is a lot of the 10th gen community own now and has lasted some customers over 100k miles believe it or not.
  19. Tsp misfire Knock.

    misfire in the cylinders shown are normal. Your knock control is a tad bit high. Does your 94 and any E in it or is it ethanol free since you know Canada.
  20. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    Most common thing people saw was cracked wastegate