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  1. J's Racing Carbon Fiber Hood

    Is there any reason that this would not be able to fit a Non-Si EX (CVT)?
  2. 1.5T Burble/Crackle Tune

    What if a person have their engine rebuilt, with aftermarket pistons and rods? Then get aftarmarket spark plugs and an aftermarket, high horsepower cat converter. Will they be able to withstand a crackle tune then? Maybe re-sleeve the block to avoid any......cracks. :hmm:
  3. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Big thanks! Of course I see this after I get back to work. :mad: Make me want to take vacay just to see the data. I'm info greedy like that. :p
  4. Si PRL Short Ram Intake (SRI) Vs Cobra Cold Air Intake: Is the CAI worth the extra cost and why?

    @17civivsi805 How do you know you won't get any performance gain with a short ram?
  5. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    And fuel injector pulse width. 😍😁
  6. J's Racing Carbon Fiber Hood

    So what ever became of this? How does it fit and did it help with cooling from your observations?
  7. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    You must be referring to my post on the Youtube video itself. I can not dyno anything because I don't have paddle shifters (I have tried). I'm interested in a dyno pull with this turbo on a manual or paddle shifter CVT (Before and after). It's not likely but interested in seeing how the full...
  8. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    No sir!
  9. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    26psi???? Yeah....we need more info man. o_O:p
  10. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    This is good to know. Thanks for the cost information. I've been burned a couple times on people saying how they 'feel' something is. So will wait to see if any hard numbers come out. ;)
  11. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    Any thoughts? Have you measured any before and after times?
  12. 1.5T Power Metrics & Limitations for 1.5L Turbo (Non Si models)

    Where are you at now as far as ignition timing, at what boost and in what gear?
  13. **Delete**

    I just replied to your thread. You went from 2742lbs to 2492lbs, which is awesome. Your weight to power ratio went from 17.6lbs to 15.9lbs per hp. Very nice! Following to see what I can pick at to apply to my Civic. ;) What tire size are you using? I can't see what it is exactly from...
  14. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    Omg! I love this thread. Thanks for taking the time to weigh things and report back to us all. You were correct that I'd have an appreciation for this type of stuff. I think we both do the same things to our cars. I did this very same thing on my 2015 Honda Fit LX (CVT) with great results...
  15. **Delete**

    **Delete** Found a Major Flaw in Calculations All tires I chose were summer tires. Rather choose all seasons.
  16. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    @PRL Motorsports During this 1/4 mile run, I had the stock front pipe and stock exhaust. Everything else is correct. Thanks!
  17. Exhaust flow question

    Yes, your exhaust flow will be compromised (Performance wise) because the pipe isn't bent smoothly. A 90 degree bend is bad. How bad? It's bad on any exhaust. Worse on one with a car that is modified. Bends create backpressure. It robs horsepower from your car. If horsepower is not what you are...
  18. 1.5T Burble/Crackle Tune

    It may cost a little bit to get it though. Innovative Motorworks Crackle Tune