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  1. Catless downpipe k20c2

    Not going to waste my time with you two goons. Clearly YOU TWO are missing the points here. You guys sound angry and now you are typing all that anger out on the forums. :doh::coffee: Read before spewing nonsense! And please don’t try talking about logic when you don’t even know what you are...
  2. Catless downpipe k20c2

    Let me know the whole part(s) list and all the labor rates and money spent to get 200 at the wheels, if that’s even achievable lmfao. Definitely not hating either, just think it’s funny, people with the 2.0 try to justify that it’s just as good as the 1.5t as far as numbers and all that. It’s...
  3. Catless downpipe k20c2

    Not quite, the Si stock is still better. They dyno typically 190-205 to the wheels not crank, then the torque being anywheres from 190-225 to the wheels. You are not getting that with the N/A even with full bolt ons and tune. If you are talking about older generations that’s kinda irrelevant to...
  4. Catless downpipe k20c2

    Never did I talk about any comparisons here. Just stating the obvious.
  5. Catless downpipe k20c2

    Not impressed, not the slightest. Only thing that will wake this plateform up is F/I.
  6. HPS Intake for FK8

    Use Sea Foam Deep Creep, puts pb blaster to shame. That’s what I use, worked great with exhaust studs and bolts/nuts. Even the really rusty shit, very happy with it.
  7. HPS Intake for FK8

    This one is no better imo. But to each their own.
  8. HPS Intake for FK8

    Willing to bet the stock intake has better temps, also more consistent. You’ll be heat soaking bad with this intake.
  9. 1.5T PRL Motorsports 1.5T Civic Bolt-On Big Turbo Kit Upgrade Results

    Yes it will work, and you’ll see a impressive gain, run 93 octane if you can’t get E85 to do blends. Get a custom tune of course for max benefits and performance gains.
  10. PRL Motorsports Type R Downpipe!

    Yes, Honda used cheap ones as far as the stock bolts and studs, get higher grade ones and you will not run into anymore problems, highly recommend.
  11. The Smoking Tire 360hp 2017 Civic Si One Take

    I believe it does yes. It’s a good upgrade but it’s expensive.
  12. The Smoking Tire 360hp 2017 Civic Si One Take

    That’s E-Mans Si, the flywheel was machined to fit the Si. The whole clutch kit is from the Type R.
  13. Thoughts/Feedback on Intercooler Options

    $800 for a top quality intercooler that’s made in house here in the USA by one of the best company’s out there. Best materials are being used. Hand welded by professionals that KNOW what they are doing, that’s a bargain people! They could easily sell them for a few extra hundred and that would...

  15. Debadge an SI?

    I thought blue was the worst color out of the bunch actually. But I saw it in person yesterday and wow I’m impressed, It looks sharp as hell.
  16. 2.0L Should I go with an intake kit or drop in filter?

    You do need a tune for it actually. Your air and fuel ratios will not be spot on, therefore meaning the car is not running optimal as it could be. That leads to knock. If you add a downpipe and intake, you’ll definitely need a tune. If you didn’t then they wouldn’t make tunes. Don’t kid yourself...
  17. 2.0L Should I go with an intake kit or drop in filter?

    For the 2.0 N/A motor, I would stay stock. Not much to be had with that platform. You would need a tune anyways for it to work properly and get any gains. If you wanted to mod and get something from it, should have got the 1.5T. Or wait for a turbo/supercharger kit.
  18. 1.5T PRL Motorsports 1.5T Civic Bolt-On Big Turbo Kit Upgrade Results

    She rips!! I love it! ;):thumbsup::love::drive::patriot: