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  1. Is "Honda FK8 Civic Type R Product Reviews Group" a SCAM??

    A scam, maybe. A joke, 1000000% Aston is a joke. He claims to be on the board of Hondata and claims to work with Hondata on development. Does Hondata even have a board? The dude makes them look really bad with some of the trash he posts. There is some info out there if you dig about...
  2. W1 Turbo on CVT car dyno/test results database

    yeah definitely dont judge it yet if your tune isnt final. and while the turbo may spool a smidge slower down low, youre going to more than make it for it the rest of the powerband because it can flow more air :)
  3. W1 Turbo on CVT car dyno/test results database

    alright. so you have a w1? Im confused now.
  4. W1 Turbo on CVT car dyno/test results database

    even on a cvt it will. Did you not see the @Myx say if they had the exact reaction time he would have lost by 3 tenths of a second. you'll see when the tracks open back up. keep being a clown
  5. W1 Turbo on CVT car dyno/test results database

    sorry, there isnt a stock turbo car out there going 11.5 in the quarter mile like the w1 did on @l15b7allturbo did
  6. W1 Turbo on CVT car dyno/test results database

    lolol. you are so lost. a w1 with the same mods as a stock turbo would go faster.
  7. KTuner Updates: Si Advanced VSA, 18 MY Map Switching, And More!

    If VSA is not fully disabled, even with advanced on and aggressive ignition selected, when enough slip is realized by the factory VSA , it will still throttle back. It could be from the tires not gripping or it feels the car slide etc. I noticed this too on my cvt but when I got new tires, it...
  8. Is my motor fucked?

    Ok where did you buy the plugs?
  9. brand new grade oil available in the market may 2020

    Im more fortunate than most of my friends. I can work from home and my company is paying us too. I do Sales tax for a large commercial real estate company and so far states still want their sales tax money lol
  10. brand new grade oil available in the market may 2020

    I've been 5w-30 for 60k miles now, about to reach 100k on the clock, although that may take a while since Im not driving to work for the foreseeable future
  11. brand new grade oil available in the market may 2020

    0w-16, HARD PASS, especially in a turbo motor. 0-20 comes out like water after 5000 miles......
  12. Is my motor fucked?

    So where did you buy your first set of plugs that broke? Second, it the ceramic was broke, did you find the broken piece? Otherwise your next post is going to be, "My engine did blow" from that ceramic piece bouncing around inside the engine
  13. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    you can only mess with Advanced vsa and I believe bbg on TSP tunes as well as the disables for O2 and such the rest of the tune is locked.
  14. Post your LED headlights

    If you cant see the trash throw in my pics, you're blind. I mean, I even CIRCLED THEM for you. You can clearly see where the HID fills in the whole beam pattern and the led have large gaps in coverage area. Banging lights off a wall is just one way to judge. A lux test is another and a real...
  15. Post your LED headlights

    Hey guys, if you really want to prove your LEDS are "fine" and "work for me" Lets get some actual out put shots. taking a picture looking at the headlight proves nothing except that they glare. So below you will see the comparison of some Hikari top end LEDs in my headlights and my Morimoto...
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Thanks man, Didnt know how I was going to like 18s and dark wheels. But its pretty slick. Cant wait to get a car wash and shine er up good
  17. Post Your Aftermarket Wheel/Tire setup on Stock Suspension

    I had to buy new wheels since a large pothole took out my old 19s. Liquid Metal Shadow 18x8 +40
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    hit a bad pothole, wheel did not survive and they dont make them anymore. So I got some new shoes this morning. Downsized from 19s to 18s as well.
  19. Potential for future upgrades of backup camera?

    DOes anyone know how to remove the backup camera to replace it. Mine seems to be dead.
  20. Do you wait until the 3/36 warranty expires to tune?

    Fyi, your powertrain, i.e. engine/trans have a 5/60 warranty. No I didnt wait, I tuned at 10k miles. Still got warranty work approved