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  1. Maryland Sold: Tein flex z for SI

    Selling my tien flex z coils w/ error cancellers for $700 + shipping. Willing to drive out about 30min from bowie MD area to meet local buyer. Have about ~3500 miles on them. They have been off the car in storage for a couple of months so they're a bit dusty but otherwise in good condition I...
  2. Maryland Competition Clutch + a few other things for sale

    Acuity shifter *sold* Clutch *sold* Stock short block still available -Selling my brand new comp clutch with ultra light flywheel for 700+ shipping. -Lowered to 650+ shipping Selling because my clutch masters fx400 is still going strong after about 38k miles. Figured I'd just get a new...
  3. Pros and Cons of different clutch material

    Just came across this video. I thought it was very informative. Thought I'd share it in case others new to modding and such would like to have a better understanding of clutch materials and what they're best suited for.
  4. Maryland Sold: **SOLD** OEM SI turbo - $390 + shipping

    Taken off at ~28k miles. No issues with it.
  5. Si Aaperformance K20C4 swap

    Been following this guy's progress. He managed to swap an accord's 2.0 engine into the SI and apparently is still using the stock SI ecu management. Maybe this will be the go to swap in the future when there's plenty of 2.0T accords in junk yards
  6. Any issues with the Prl cobra CAI?

    I just wanted to get some feedback from those who have been running the CAI (not the short ram) for awhile now. Has anyone run into problems like hydrolocking, not getting enough air flow etc.? I see its tucked pretty far down and I'm worried about it sucking in water in rainy conditions.
  7. Need advice on clutch options

    My end goal for power is about 400whp and 400wtq. I've been looking around the forum for info on what clutch to buy but cant find anything consistent. Can those who have either the fx350, fx400, or SPEC clutches chime in on there experiences with these clutches? I'm wondering about the life...