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  1. California Sold: FS: 2017 Civic Si Part Out

    Located in Orange County. Local Pick-Up only. Will ship smaller items in the future if no one picks up locally. 1. [SOLD] Apexi N1 ExV Coilover - around 15,000miles - $500 2. Remark Exhaust Coupe (No hardware, lost them. Edit: Found the hardware, just missing a gasket .) - around 1,000 miles...
  2. California Sold: FS: Remark Civic Si Coupe Exhaust (2017-2021)

    Around 1,000 miles on the exhaust. Decided to just keep my exhaust stock. It’s a 3 piece exhaust, just haven’t disconnected the muffler. Has all the hardware except for one missing gasket for the front pipe. (Accidentally tore it off when I was removing it lol) Located in Orange County, CA...
  3. California Sold: [FS] Orange County, CA - 27Won Rear Motor Mount

    $100 Local Pick-Up. Had it on my 2017 Si. Will decide to ship if it doesn't sell locally. I really liked this mount, but as a daily it was a bit much.
  4. Sold: FS: boomba motor mount

    5k miles on it. $80 local to socal preferred.
  5. Sold: FS: PRL catless downpipe

    Does not come with hardware. You can buy it at prl's website. $180 local to socal preferred.
  6. Sold: FS: APR Carbon Fiber Splitter

    Replacing it with a Type-R lip. $350, local pickup preferred. (SoCal)
  7. Sold: Fs: greddy exhaust for the si coupe

    $500 socal pickup
  8. Catted Downpipe Soundclips

    Anyone running a catted downpipe and have sound clips?
  9. WTB: PRL Catless downpipe

    If you have the front pipe too, I'll take the combo.
  10. Sold: WTB: PRL Catted Downpipe

    Let me know if you have a catted downpipe for sale.
  11. Sold: FS: Bavar Racing BV02 Wheels

    No dent or marks, in good condition Size: 18x9.5 +35 Tires are not included $600 pick up (will ship at buyers expense)
  12. Vit's Stage 1 and Flexfuel

    Does Vit's Stage 1 for the Si tune support flex fuel? I know Ktuner basemaps supports them.
  13. FS: PRL Downpipe and Frontpipe

  14. 20% Off Everything On Ebay

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  15. CNT Racing 1.5T Downpipe and Frontpipe

  16. 27WON Cold Air Intake for 2017+ Civic Si

  17. Got my fog lights tinted the hard way

    The amount of clips to remove this bumper..
  18. FS: Civic Si OEM Shift Knob

  19. 15% off everything on ebay again

    In case you missed the last on, it is back on again till 8pm PST. Code: PREPSPRING