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  1. Engine replacement w/different model car.

    Yeah I believe it was from an automatic engine now ? Only question is can I just bypass it now ?
  2. Engine replacement w/different model car.

    Can anybody tell me what those two outlets are for ? (Blue) I replaced my Manuel civic 2017 ext with an eBay engine and the original engine did not have those. They leak very slow. My question is should I just plug them ? Or am I completely missing hoses ? The car hasn’t been driven besides re...
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I blew my engine 2 years ago, replaced the block and left her there to die after she wouldn’t start. Turned out I did everything right , for some reason the clutch sensor wouldn’t make connection until now ! lol . Had a friend come look at it and he got it to start away. I must have reconnected...
  4. Problems with remote start

    I thought that's how most remote start systems are....... they turn off the car when you open the door that way people cant just joy ride a running car.....
  5. Edit: I rotated my crankshaft both ways. Did I mess anything up?

    i Checked to see if I could rotate my engine by hand & I ended turning the crankshaft both ways.. I was under the Impression that it would only spin one way. Is something wrong with my engine or did I offset it ? The engine was bought & delivered used. Haven’t started it yet. Thanks
  6. Ac stystem depressurized, what’s next.

    you're right, but id rather break stuff until I get it right then take my car to a mechanic. might seem like a fool but not really, if I can learn something that I can pass down to my son later on, itll be worth it. Anyways I was just wondering if I was going to damaged my vacuum if there was to...
  7. Wheels

    nice wheels. if you're cheap like me get the XXR version. they're 500ish for all 4. they are XXRs tho, unless you're pushing your car etc all the negative comments shouldn't matter to much. something to look into if all the high prices discourage you ha

    as obvious as it seems you're right, I'm in the same boat. I haven't cleaned mine in two years. might just do that this weekend. Good excuse to buy parts at harbor freight ha. im blowing it with air & calling it good since my injen filters says to not use "cleaners"
  9. Questions about Front pipe

    makes more sense ha
  10. Injen Intercooler and piping

    have you installed the bumper already? I have a different brand intercooler/piping & mine pushes on my fog light >.<
  11. 1.5T Redline360 Downpipe/Frontpipe Combo questions

    im sure you know by now, its to close to the clutch cylinder & the front pipe is an inch to short. I have to pull my exhaust forward to connect them. for the price tho its worth the hassle I guess
  12. Questions about Front pipe

    I have another question to add. aren't most of the exhausts for our civics half back exhausts (LOL) because technically a Cat back would be the whole damn exhaust (DP/FP, rest of the exhaust) since the cat is right by the turbo outlet. IDK just wondering.
  13. anyone knows how to add 'a little' more exhaust noise to my car?

    catlless down pipe, resonator delete on your expensive after market exhaust, keeping the muffler for a loud non tacky/ricy etc sound. Wouldn't recommend it tho, all exhausts are different im just sharing what I did to my injen ehaust . I get a lot of compliments.
  14. Do you do your own mods?

    if you have a spare car/truck id say to do your own mods. Ive replaced the clutch, which gave me the confidence to replace my own engine.With the money you save on a mechanic you invest in numerous tools & you learn a lot. even if you break parts & have to replace them, its still way cheaper...
  15. 1.5T Help... Do I need a clutch adjustment?

    did you use the clutch alignment tool to install the clutch? I don't think fluids have anything to do with not being able to go into gear? i may be wrong, I don't know much ha. I will say tho, I installed the clutch wrong the first time & I wasn't able to go into any gear until i re installed it...
  16. Battery Died, how to get into car

    when my battery dies on my 2017 ex-t, the doors unlock..
  17. 2016 Civic EX Not starting

    I thought I had the same issue, but I can hear my fuel pump engaging. So in my case it wouldn’t be this right ?
  18. Ignition problems:solved.

    Yeah I just figured that a few minutes ago. Thanks tho. Blonde moment.
  19. Engine fuse box item what is this?

    I thought one of those relays were the ignition fuse since I cant find a single one that's a 30 amp.
  20. 2018 Si Coupe won't start (its dead in my garage)...

    sorry for being late to the party. some one mention if batteries have a bad cell it wont start the car. I cant start my car also . I tested power to the starter & gets 13.24 ( I believe) when its being jumped. Can that still mean a bad battery, even if its reading a high charge.