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  1. Brake Info thread

    Bracket is in the right spot, washers between bolts and bracket
  2. Brake Info thread

    This is incorrect
  3. Please don’t kill me for asking

    +1 Superspeed here Light, very nicely priced, and... They clear big brake kit calipers Most of the Enkei options will need spacers if you want bbk
  4. Brake Info thread

    I had a similar rattle with my RL setup until I changed where I put washers for my mounting brackets and calipers themselves
  5. Best Chrome Delete?

    I haven't done anything special to them. I had some stick on fake cf panels I was going to try out, but never did. They're in a random parts bin atm They look fine though. They have the same spray sio2 coating I use on the rest of the car and that's it
  6. turbo upgrade

    Sorry, no Any turbo swap will need a tune
  7. Best Chrome Delete?

    I'm thinking coastal South Carolina is only a smidge better lol I'm planning to replace every few years
  8. Best Chrome Delete?

    My eBay kit from 'Khrome Delete' is 5 and starting to get cracks on edges. I have a set from Jets waiting in the wings The eBay kit was Avery Dennison vinyl, so a quality brand. I'd guess that's just about the age makes it to
  9. turbo upgrade Here's some reading material The first question you should...
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    At the suggestion of @CanadiaegeanBlue, I'm giving the 27won strut bar with brake brace a try. Will get a run at autox tomorrow 💪
  11. RV6 Flywheel

  12. Group Buy | Suma Side Mirrors | Up to 30% Off

    The afternoon after I installed 2am that night in the Cookout drive thru
  13. What's your SI looking like today?

    Mmmmmm... The smell of Mugen in the morning
  14. Suma Gold Mirrors Group Buy?

    I'd be tempted to get gold if I didn't already have, and love, my blue ones (still the best daily driving mod you can get for your Civic IMO)
  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    Are all your hoses and plugs right and properly torqued? How long have you let it run since install?
  16. A note to the tuning "haters"

    The only guy funnier was the one who fbo and turbo swapped only to get slower than his ots tune buddy. Then they came back yelling at everyone that tuning was a waste on multiple accounts Driver mod was in short supply there
  17. Vargas valve cover/catch can.

    Oofta Ya I have a new one and gasket for when I do my head studs. Haven't figured out what I want to paint it yet
  18. Vargas valve cover/catch can.

    Then you can pick any color you want