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  1. Wide Body Kit for FC1/FC3 Civic (details inside)

    Sounds good man. Just keep us posted whenever you can.
  2. Wide Body Kit for FC1/FC3 Civic (details inside)

    I would buy the whole kit for my coupe as well, I'm in!
  3. [FS] (4) Garageline 25mm spacers $100

    Is this sold?
  4. Everything is sold thanks all.

    Hey brother, do you still have a set of the locking nuts available? If so, would they fit on my 10th gen si HFP rims? Also do you ship to Canada? (even if shipping cost would be a bit more, like 10-15 dollars i wouldn't mind paying extra, but if they charge a more ridiculously high price maybe...
  5. Thoughts on Moonroof Visor?

    Where did you buy the OEM sunroof visor aside from the dealers?
  6. ¡Finally! SI *COUPE* *FC3* Aftermarket Body

    Glad I found this thread. I'd definitely be interested in a higher profile spoiler that utilizes our stock spoiler mounting holes. I also agree with our other members for a tad bit more aggressive rear diffuser that somehow conforms to our coupes curves. Can't wait for this ball to start...