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  1. poll prefer lane watch or lights on side view mirrors & beep warning for blind spot

    I kind of hate the lanewatch camera. Especially how it automatically turns on when I signal, covering up my gps map, which I need most when I’m about to turn. My previous car had the blind spot indicators and they were amazing, wish I could go back.
  2. 1.5T Questions Regarding Build Progress and Expectations

    Let’s see pictures of the car so we can talk cosmetics. Lacking that, you may want to go for led headlights
  3. plasti dip ?

    What’s your wheel/tire set up? Your ride looks super slick. I think plasti-dipping/wrapping would look great, and I second the user above suggesting you do it yourself.
  4. ABS, TC, VSA, ect. how do I get rid of this Christmas tree?

    Try driving it for a few miles and see what happens. The systems reset if driven enough.
  5. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    @TacticalToolbox what are those fog Lights?
  6. 0-60 Times

    Is this before you installed the si turbo?
  7. Upgrade stock exhaust?

    It won’t damage the ecu. There is a risk that if you use too powerful a tune it could damage the engine or transmission but the plug and play tunes aren’t likely to do that.
  8. Upgrade stock exhaust?

    No, they absolutely work.
  9. Rallye red underbody spoiler

    Why is an aftermarket exhaust out of the question for you?
  10. Limp mode

    Get em gtman.
  11. Top1 Motors bumper vents

    Oh wow, searching for topone instead of top1 showed the thread you were talking about. It seems like most people got their orders eventually but that the company is super slow and unprofessional. Tbh I might get these vents anyway because they look so flipping rad. If not, I’m also thinking of...
  12. Wide Body Kit for FC1/FC3 Civic (details inside)

    What I really want is a wide body kit for the hatchback! I don't own a coupe/sedan but this looks extremely rad.
  13. Top1 Motors bumper vents

    What do you mean? My first search result was this thread, also about the vents: And people seem really pleased with them. They do mention a long turn around time but nothing too bad. I'm now considering these vents so if the company has a...
  14. Top1 Motors bumper vents

    Damn those are sexy. Would they even fit on something other than a Thpe R though? O be honest I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t know what an FK7 is, I’m in an ex-l hatchback from 2017 and I would be seriously tempted by these if I knew they would fit. I’ve got sensing, too, so I’m curious...