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  1. Falken Azenis FK510

    Needed to get two new front tires, immediately, and went to a local shop and ended up landing on the Falken Azenis FK510's. I was looking for all-weather, but the guy steered me towards these tires and said they will be fine for the winter (ie. won't crack etc.) despite being summer tires. I had...
  2. Wide Body Kit for FC1/FC3 Civic (details inside)

    Love the design.
  3. Were You Able to Buy the Color You Initially Wanted?

    I wanted black, but the dealer I went to only had the sedan. Functionally, the sedan is the better move, but aesthetically I liked the coupe a lot more. The dealership was able to get one for me from a dealership nearby in about a week for no additional charge
  4. Parts or car for sale

    How much for the Ultra Front Strut Shipped?
  5. @Steezy_Si