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    Hey wasup guys its PK, Im hosting a cruise with other Fk8s and some EM1s to Eibach "Honda Meet" on the 22nd. Before reading further, we are planning to cruise it, not go 100+ racing on the freeway to the meet. I run a youtube channel so will be getting some rolling content on the way With that...
  2. SOCAL “Osaka” LOOP

    This sounds pretty cool, but I aint fucking with going over 130 just for fun. If trying have some fun take it to the track, or the high risk up in the mountain late at night.
  3. Hondata carb legal tunes and race flashpro

    I guess I am buying some land in a riverside county to be smog exempt haha
  4. FK8 255/40/18 on 18x9.5 +45

    You will be find with those specs. Especially at stock height. (you will be fine once u add lowering springs also) On "fitment industries" website they have a TypeR with those specs if you want a picture.
  5. Art of Attack Civic Type R Meet - Video Coverage (Add your pictures)

    Hey guys, This past weekend out here in California, AOA hosted a type R meet. Pretty great to see over 200+ CTRs in one spot from stock to full blown race cars lol Started youtube recently so appreciate a subscription trying to make it happen and be out in the YT media world. I think I am...
  6. Art of Attack CTR meet Socal

    For those that couldnt make it. Here is the VIP parking area. Check out @boosted180sx getting into Josh's Mugen Seat lol Appreciate a thumbs up and subscription. Thank you,
  7. Art of Attack CTR meet Socal

    Yeah it was dope, if not some much traffic woulda been cool take over all the lanes and get one picture lol
  8. Art of Attack CTR meet Socal

    Hey Boosted! You did say you were in the forums lol Here is our cruise to the event. Subscribe yall. Want to hit 1k by end of the year lol Later tonight I will be posting the "inside part" of the event. 4k video took longer than expected couldnt share it yesterday.
  9. Leak patched on OEM tires

    Yes can use a tire plug on it. I have had 2 screws on two different tires. Did it with plugs, just make sure it is the thicker plug (I believe the orange plugs are thicker) so it stays intact. Both sides are on the inner tread so i assume at any point plug may wear off where it will need to...
  10. Sold

    What tires were you running on them? specs?
  11. Civic Type R Owners: What do you do for a living?

    Aerospace Engineer, prototype airplane Lavs (bathrooms), (Galleys), or those big buckets that are over your head (OHSC). I mostly create technical design proposals for Airbus. All being engineers, most are somewhat car guys that like the R. (bmw M owners, s2k owners, isf, porsche guys) 1st job...
  12. Hi Rev Sports Tail Lights

    Agree, about to be 4 months with them, no issues, no leakage nothing with Hi-Revs. No deep scratches /spider marks like the stock tailights Glad to hear if issues due occur the customer service is there.
  13. CIVIC X Hatchback LED Dynamic Taillight release

    Woah man.... I respect the hustle, but using MUGEN images and claiming it to be your lights is passing the line... These look to be rebranded HI-REVS at similar cost. I would suggest remove the mugen images..
  14. An awesome Trunk mat Alternative - ToughPRO Cargo Mat

    For the price and design it gets the job done. . Sucks no walls, but i rather get sides dirty than the entire cheap carpet/fabric we have. I Don't mind making some holes for my cargo net. Can always slap a Type R sticker??? lol 3x cheaper than OEM. Great find. 1) No cutting required...
  15. Hi Rev Sports Tail Lights

    Got my Hirevs also. Easily installed. Just had to flip the cables at times. Fitment will never be perfect but since I installed mine haven't looked back at them or tripped about alignment when drying them. (Must be your OCD :P) 0 complaints with mine. Love em. Live in So-Cal as well and...
  16. Static sound from front passenger side

    Im having same issue with my 2019 FK8. Heard it this morning. in the back door driver side. My front tweeters btw dont like high volumen mexican music, makes them buzz alot!!!
  17. Will stock OEM exhaust for FK8 type r fit inside back seat and trunk of FK8?

    S2k is the same way. IT is one large piece from cat to exhaust tips. At least fk8 can somewhat carry it =]
  18. Streets of Willow Vlog! 1/25/2020

    Im thinking streets of willow March 22nd.... TBD for me as waiting if others are interested. Both Si were ran about CCW 1:37-1:39 lap times.