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  1. FS: 2019 Civic Si OEM Stuff

    Have some OEM parts for sale. If interested pm me. I'm open to offers. Pickup only. OEM Rear Sway Bar - Sold Honda OEM floor mats - $50 Si Coupe Oem front brake calipers - Sold Set 4 OEM Rotors Si Coupe - $150 2 OEM Mufflers - $40 (for both)
  2. FS: Clutch Masters FX300 Street Clutch Kit | 2016-2020 Honda Civic 1.5T

    $350. Brand new in box, never opened. I bought it in September from MAPerformance. I upgraded to a Type R so I don't need it. Pickup in Orange County.
  3. GT Wing on the Coupe

    Has anybody with a coupe put a GT style wing on? I've seen some marketed for the sedan but none marketed for the coupe. I'm trying to find one that is a direct replacement for the stock spoiler, but I have no idea if the trunk dimensions are the same and I don't want to have to drill holes if I...
  4. Left Foot Braking

    Has anyone figured out how to left foot brake without their Si going into limp mode?
  5. BrakefastClub Merch

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong place. A few of us who met on this forum started a brand called brakefastclub.(We typically meetup in the mornings on the weekend) If anyone is interested we are currently having a 10% of sale using the code Sept10. Check out our items at...
  6. Overheating

    Has anyone had any issues with their engines getting too hot and throwing error codes until it cools down? Mainly either trying to track of doing some "spirited" high rpm mountain/canyon driving? If so what have you done to help keep your engine cooler?
  7. Flashing Back To Stock

    How do I flash back to the stock OEM tune after I flash to the new tune with a Ktuner V1.2?
  8. Civic Type RR

  9. Stock Brake Pad Replacement

    Has anyone replaced their stock brake pads with performance pads? Been doing a ton of canyon driving lately and need better pads. I already changed the brake fluid to DOT 5.1 to get the boiling point up. So far I have been looking at the Optimum OEp Pads by R1 Concepts and the Hawk Brake Pads...
  10. How to Not Void Factory Warranty?

    Hey there, Just wondering what mods would void the factory warranty? For instance, I know some common mods are to put in the PRL Cobra intake and the PRL intercooler, BBK's, upgraded Clutch, Acuity Shifter, among other things. How do these affect warranties?
  11. Dashboard Cams

    Hey guys, I want to get a dashboard cam for filming some 4k 60fps canyon drives and take hiking with me. I was looking at GoPro's but they are really expensive. I found the yi technology 4k action camera as an alternative. Does anyone have any experience with this camera? It's a lot cheaper the...
  12. New Si

    Pretty stoked! I just got a 2019 Civic Si Coupe this last weekend. I am in love! I've had two base model Civics (2001 & 2015) and a Honda fit previously, but this Si is just the bee's knee's!