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  1. 2022 gr86

    Seriously considering selling my si for a new 86. Only things holding me back are my high mileage(highway commute) and extensive mods (clutch, front bumper mesh cut)
  2. Anime Watchers - What are You Watching Right Now?

    Try samurai champloo, and Gangsta
  3. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Also would like to add most pulls I do on the street are 2-3rd gear pulls, not often do I do hard pulls in 4th. Track days are hard pulls across all gears. Mostly noting cause I believe 4th is the one to usually break
  4. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    I also have some track videos on my Instagram highlights if anyone wants to check them out @2tone.shots :)
  5. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Yearly update!! (3rd update I think) Vehicle: 2017 Si sedan Total tuned time: 4 years Total tuned mileage: 80,000 Tuning device(s) used: KTuner v1.2 Tunes used: Ktuner base maps, vit stage 1, custom javi tune and currently drob etune. Fuel used: 93(76, mobile or shell) and E30-35 blends...
  6. W1 Turbo Alarming Failure Rate

    I bought my w1 second hand here on the forums. Original owner had it for 1.5 years and put 8k miles on it. I’ve had it for 7 months put over 10k miles and 3 track days in south Florida heat. Custom tuned by drob as soon as I installed the turbo. Just adding my personal experience.
  7. At what miles did you tune your car and is it still tuned?

    Nope but I replaced it before I even had signs of slipping. To add car is at 82k miles now with a w1 etune from drob
  8. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    For my w1 I think it was 11 revisions
  9. ► Official Civic SI Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Thread

    2017 si sedan @2tone.shots 18x8 +35 245/40/18 federal st-1 summer Eibach pro kit springs Fender tab mod No rubbing
  10. Forum Revival - PRL Race or Street MAF?? 2020 Civic Si Sedan

    Go race! No point going street if you already have Ktuner
  11. Official W2 Turbocharger Design Thread (yes it happening) - 27WON W2 Turbo Kit

    Good tuner matters more than dyno vs E in my opinion. I went with etune with drob
  12. She’s no longer a daily!!

    I’ve been trying to get off this Saturday to go too, but looks unlikely. Cool to see that there’s a few other Xgens out at pbir
  13. She’s no longer a daily!!

    Thanks I appreciate the advice! Never heard about the no parking brake after laps, will make sure not to.
  14. She’s no longer a daily!!

    Palm Beach International Raceway and the Firm in Gainesville are your two best bets for a road course. There’s also Sebring and Daytona but idk any easily accessible events open to amateurs except for one or two scca track nights I believe.
  15. She’s no longer a daily!!

    4 months and 10k miles. I was fbo e40 for over a year before that too so I’m pretty sure my block is good at these power levels(under 350 tq/whp) I change every 5k miles so a change is actually do before I drive her again
  16. She’s no longer a daily!!

    So after 3 years and 80k miles of daily driving the civic is no longer a daily! First track day scheduled at PBIR on the 23rd, and I should be able to hit a drag strip before that. Pretty torn between building my block or just pushing the stock block for as long as possible. If anyone in south...
  17. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    So it’s 2am my time and I’ve had one long day, so I’m sorry if I missed something but aren’t those numbers incredibly low? Haven’t people made more power with this turbo way below 32psi without built block or fuel upgrades?
  18. Goodbye Si Hello 340i

    If a good deal on a manual 340i went up locally id seriously consider trading in. Any mod plans for it? And congrats hope you enjoy it!!
  19. Power Limitations of OEM Airbox/PRL Stage 1?

    happy new year!! Not sure if anyone has tested that, once you upgrade stock turbo is when I would guess you’d see a real difference in power. But how much of a difference, no idea. A lot of people say stock intake flows very well with a filter and pipe(stage 1 PRL kit). Maybe dyno tune without...
  20. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    Hey how do you feel about ceramic coating or turbo blankets on the hot side of the turbo @RV6 :hmm: