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  1. Is Getting Tuned in the Summer a Mistake?

    If you get 'er HOT, she won't give you any ass Just like the wife :)
  2. Very Expensive Trip To The Eye Doctor

    WOW! I really wished you had taken some time to think the resolution through instead of reacting so quickly. Could have gotten better wheels or super cheap take-offs on here or a free DIY fix. I hurt a loaner from the dealership (CR-V cannot go off road, dented engine cradle) and that cost me...
  3. Exhaust flow question

    Is it loud enough for you? You could connect the two in the center like an "H" pipe.
  4. Type r sway bar on base sedan.

    Josehern10 if you change your mind, I have a stock CTR RSB I would sell cheaply.
  5. Why is stock air intake gasket shaped like this?

    Think air movement... You will not get air to FLOW through the inlet consistently without allowing some way of escape, that is where/why the gasket is open on the side.
  6. Prevent / minimize turbo inlet pipe heat soak

    DEI is mass marketed mediocrity. AEROLITE heat tape is the best you can buy and " has become the choice of top professional race teams worldwide ". This is the ONLY US importer:
  7. Aftermarket Sub??

    No bass blocker needed IMO. I have not blown mine but my head unit bass levels are set to halfway since my JBL self amped sub is putting out rich mid and low bass. JBL GT-BassPro12...

    I am loving the ride of the Swifts! I chose them because of the more neutral to loose handling due to the rear spring rates, allowing better rotation. I also wanted it to be LEVEL F + R, others are not and that looks terrible IMO.
  9. 2000 RPM ( Rattle / Vibration )

    Check the engine undertray/covers.
  10. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    That is very good and I would feel good about that process but it still means someone is going to be driving it. Instead, I would ask for an accessory/service hookup. Like a free lowering spring install and alignment?
  11. SWIFT springs owners:

    I cut them when I installed my Swift springs.
  12. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    I have been a service consultant in several dealerships and unfortunately NapalmEnema's experience is the norm not the exception. I would not be the LEAST BIT SURPRISED if they have their "Mobile touch up guy" spray only that spot and try to blend it in. If it goes to a body shop, you will be...
  13. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    Maybe put a sticker there? I would NOT have them paint the car. The dust of the body shop gets EVERYWHERE!
  14. Black exhaust smoke civic type R

    COLD START will always be rich. You are 100% fine.
  15. Strut Bar

    It is not needed. I can open/shut doors while doing "3 wheel motion" using my driveway slant. It seems to me that you run out of traction before chassis flex becomes an issue. Maybe with 295 size race slicks that could be inverse. Grimace on here may know since he used 295s but not full race...
  16. RevHang exist to control emissions

    " But as you know Covid19-5g Towers believers think something else. " Just curious, what do they believe?
  17. Attempt to lower temps

    Yeah, good points my friend! I should have mentioned the above as well. I am cutting the stock grille this summer and even have an Ebay one waiting on the shelf. I also have the turbo blanket and fully wrapped downpipe and fully wrapped frontpipe. I do feel those have been helpful with temps...
  18. Modifying stock exhaust

    No, it is the 2 tip with the single muffler.
  19. Air intake heat soak

    Opening the vents does help. It allows air to hit the end tanks of the intercooler and to a lesser degree the radiator. It also allows air to cool the block marginally. You also have the belly pan and cowl weatherstripping to remove if you'd like. Don't forget Hypercool or Water Wetter additive...