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  1. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Just emtpy the gas tank fill and test.
  2. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Battled the issues for a couple of weeks. Change your gas station it worked for me.
  3. 17-19 OEM Type R Shifter w/goodies

    Selling my oem shifter with acuity spring, rocker arm and ballade motorsports limited run collar. $100 shipped
  4. Indiana Drivers?

  5. Indiana Drivers?

    There will be a cars and coffee tomorrow at 7am in Lions Park in Zionsville
  6. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Not to long after replying to you it happened to me too. My winter tune was running perfect until it heated up. Even after street tuning my car I get this behavior randomly. I already discarded one gas station. I have 3 more to try.
  7. KTuner vs Hondata

    Everybody’s goals are different go with what makes you feel safe the most.
  8. KTuner vs Hondata

    I didn’t say everyone caught up. You gotta be careful who you pick as a tuner and even more verify your datalogs to be sure the car runs 100% smooth. I tuned my car twice with two different tuners because the first time things were not smooth from the get go.
  9. KTuner vs Hondata

    He is right in one thing about calling it gimmicky. There is a couple of intakes that in reality doesn’t do anything because their maf housing was designed to read very similar to stock. Those intakes on the list yes they are but like I said specifically injen and eventuri v1 fucked up the maf...
  10. KTuner vs Hondata

    True you were referring to the basemap. But once again your opinion doesn’t make it a fact. Not everybody tracks their car so in that case it doesn’t matter. Every car is different. And about the intakes gimmick the intakes that doesn’t skew the maf’s those were a gimmick. But the injen and...
  11. KTuner vs Hondata

    I second this. But others caught up and are on the same caliber.
  12. KTuner vs Hondata

    Last time I used it was when I sold it. At the time I did not saw any option for a front pipe. You dont need to modify the tune for a front pipe. Unless you meant to say downpipe.
  13. KTuner vs Hondata

    Gimmick? No Features Yes As an user you have the option of choosing which ever device you like best. Call it whatever you like. I dont speak for my friends at the track. I speak my own experiences. I gave OP my personal opinion of both devices. I never said ktuner were shit. I called your...
  14. KTuner vs Hondata

    Nothing can beat the reliability of a custom map created for your car. The problems is some tuners are not that reliable as they claim to be.
  15. KTuner vs Hondata

    Butthurt? Nah I call the bullshit when I see it. I owned both what research are you talking about. Sounds like you got carried away by MARKETING lmao
  16. KTuner vs Hondata

    If thats the plan go for it.
  17. KTuner vs Hondata

    There’s benefits of owning the device like -you can adjust the traction control to your liking -you can do your own datalogs and analyze the car -If you downsize tires or put bigger tires you can calibrate the speedo and adjust it so it reads 100% what it should on a different tire size. -you...
  18. KTuner vs Hondata

    I have a video of two CTR’s tuned by the same tuner one ktuner and one with flashpro. Even race but cant upload a video here.
  19. KTuner vs Hondata

    Thats what I used when I started the V1.2