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  1. J's Racing Carbon Fiber Hood

    I noticed on the 2020 BTCC in the UK, that the Halfords Yuasa race car has the vents on the side of the hood, keeping the existing front scoop..
  2. Testing out the HKS SP coilovers.

    It's under the seat base and holds that trim with a 10mm bolt on the base
  3. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    Do you have pics of this from the front?
  4. Mishimoto Performance Primary Radiator

    Never heard from your CS people as per our DM messaging Nick. Not impressed I have to say
  5. GruppeM Intake FK8

    I have a plot with the Gruppe M with a PRL Ti inlet tube vs a PRL HV intake.. From my experience, the gruppe M is good for the OEM intake pipe and std exhaust etc as soon as you start to mod exhaust, DP, FP intercooler etc this intake struggles to hit the high numbers. Talking with my tuner...
  6. Tuner said PRL HVI and TIP were a bad combo

    I'll add to this.. complete horse crap what that guy is talking about. I went from a top brand carbon fibre intake with the PRL titanium inlet pipe. Went to a PRL HVI and it made 10wbhp and 14wtq with a warmer ambient temp. This was done by a well known and trusted UK tuner, have dyno proof as...
  7. SiriMoto Oil Cooler Kit for the Type R

    I have the Mishimoto oil cooler fitted on my CTR and have had no issue with brake cooling on that side. Had a good chat with Aston D Martin on this topic: In order for me to achieve this, I have removed the fog light and use that to duct additional air from there, the brake duct and the side...
  8. Mishimoto Performance Primary Radiator

    Tried to click on the link guys for presale @Mishimoto, but because I'm UK based it wouldn't let me order.. When will this be available with your UK outlet- and will this also have a presale stock & order?
  9. Seat wear covered under warranty?

    I know in the UK that someone tried to claim for his seat bolster at <15K miles and was basically told that this is considered normal wear and tear... Terrible for a car less than 2 years old! Honda quality is not what it used to be and seems that they have cut corners on thinner - cheaper...
  10. FS: APR Carbon Front Splitter

    Looks like it is too much pain for you to ship then chap! Hope you managed to sell it locally..
  11. FS: APR Carbon Front Splitter

    How much would this be to ship out to the UK chap? Thank you?
  12. Reputable U.K Tuners?

    Tuning wise, I fully recommend Paul Wise @ tpw engineering. Used this guy and he knows his stuff.
  13. Varis CF Lip

    That looks and fits pretty well from those pics!! Considering it!
  14. Varis CF Lip

    How is that secured in place? Jot sure if it's the photo but the bottom edge doesn't seem "finished "..
  15. Acuity Short Shifter Issue

    I've had mine fitted now for over a year and had no issues whatsoever! You sure the cables were locked in place properly on assembly?
  16. Civic Type R fuel system upgrade

    I've seen a guy in the UK achieve this with a stock DP and we were all truly amazed! We do run our cars on the 99RON fuel over here though, car mods were exhaust, intercooler and intake only.
  17. 2020 Type-R Parts

    new front grill, larger opening (13% larger) Grill: 71121-TGH-A51 - Does this grill have the holes for the front sensors as per the EU & UK models? Anyone know??