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    +1 For a burnt tip option
  2. Honda dealers who install hondata how does this work?

    Yep, this. They will more than likely warranty the car as it was purchased, but it does not mean that you will be allowed to reflash the car after they do. The car will be warrantied as sold. If you change the tune or add parts, then you run the risk of voiding any warranties.
  3. Opinion Needed: Stock Wheel color

    Don't get me wrong, white on blue is a great color combo, but you'll be washing the wheels constantly and as soon as you wash them, they'll get a fresh coat of brake I had white RPF1s, and I would actually take them off of the car to wash the inner barrels and everything at least...
  4. Opinion Needed: Stock Wheel color

    You will regret going white...coming from someone who has. It looks great, but the maintenance goes way up, even with ceramic coating.
  5. Anyone recognize these?

    Let's just say the guy that had these on his car got flamed so hard that he eventually took them off. He had them on the front as well. It just doesn't go with the car imo.
  6. Dream Works Performance runs an 11.4 1/4 mile!

    So much salt in this Could they run faster/easier with other cars? Of course, but that's not the point. They did it in a Type R! That's awesome they ran an 11.4! Cool to see all kinds of racers advancing the platform. Congrats Dream Works with the killer time!!!
  7. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I did this to my Evo X and honestly it's one that I really regretted. It's one of those things you can't reverse after you You're kind of stuck with it unless you buy a new bumper.
  8. There is nothing wrong with the OEM Wheels. Stop bashing on them.

    To the OP’s point, reasons people switch to aftermarket wheels: huge unsprung weight savings, cheaper tires, more comfortable ride, more tire options at that size. I have ran OEM wheels for over 15k miles, in both summer and winter. I hit a pothole in the first year of ownership and blew a...
  9. If you had to delete all the pics of your R and only keep one what one would it be.

    That's definitely a tough challenge. I'm going to go with this one. Love the colors and how it came out.
  10. How many bought mods then felt it ruined the car?

    Sixx...dealing in absolutes. Nowhere did I say that nobody else has experience, about exhausts, etc. IP...The post wasn't directed at you as far as the money thing, but I will say that you assume way too much about people and "what they know". Can you show proof of your claim that he shits on...
  11. How many bought mods then felt it ruined the car?

    Maybe CTRMofo lists a lot of cars to show that he has a wide range of experience across many platforms? Maybe he says his exhaust is 1 out of 20 to let people know they're not available to buy because he knows someone will ask where he got it. It is an exhaust in the $2500 range, but so is the...
  12. How many bought mods then felt it ruined the car?

    When I had my Evo X I definitely did some mods that ruined aspects of the car, so I completely understand what the OP is saying. I've tried to be more careful with this car, only doing mods that are proven to add performance without going overboard. If you do a mod that you truly don't like...
  13. Roof Racks on the FK8 Type R

    Just some updated pics for you my setup. I had it off for the winter and put it back on for kayaking season!
  14. Official Crystal Black Pearl Type R Picture Thread

    Rollout shot from cars & coffee
  15. Official Crystal Black Pearl Type R Picture Thread

    Haha, thanks. It's actually an Iphone XS and some Lightroom magic. ;) The top photo I'm not sure about, that was a local photographer.
  16. Official Crystal Black Pearl Type R Picture Thread

    Something a little different ;) It's coming along nicely!
  17. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Detail day, cars and coffee in the morning