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  1. California Sold: FS: Mini part out (varis side skirts)

    everything is gone for now. thanks all.
  2. Conversation Alert/notification bug?

    So ever since a few days ago, my alert keeps showing up as 1 but all of my conversation has been read. I even selected all and marked it as unread then marked all as read again and still shows up. that yellow alert has been kinda annoying. am i the only one with this issue?
  3. California WTB: OEM sidemarkers (socal)

    Hello, i know there are a lot of people who have swapped over to clear/smoked sidemarkers here. Looking to purchase a set of the oem amber sidemarkers preferably local to me (Torrance, CA) in the socal area. anyone willing to let it go for cheap? thank you.
  4. California Sold: Socal: HFP Floor Mats

  5. Sold: FS: PRL FMIC

    Looking to sell my prl fmic. Bought brand new and used for about 3000 miles. no damage on the fins and will come with everything that it came with. located in Torrance, CA. Asking $500. Shipping is available if you are willing to pay for it. It’s heavy and big so idk how cheap shipping will be.
  6. EVS or Varis Front Lip

    Going to be buying a front lip for my car and curious to see which one you guys would choose with money not being a factor. 1. Varis Lip (maybe with the oem lip in carbon from seibon) or 2. EVS splitter + EVS Front Lip. I'm personally leaning towards the EVS Kit but can't make up my mind.
  7. SoCal: Depo Smoked Side Markers

    GONE Bought both clear and smoked, put them on to see which I like better and ended up going clear. Been just sitting at my house for a few months so whoever picks it up first gets it for free. I am free after 4pm today.
  8. anyone buy the new si to replace their 9th gen si?

    Hi Civicx members, I have a question for those of you who had a 9th gen SI and traded in to buy the 10th SI. Car has grown on me quite a bit and recently have been debating on getting rid of the 9th for the 10th SI. I currently own a '15 SI w/ ~10000 miles and supercharged. The extra amenities...