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  1. Failed Smog Test - Need Suggestions on Catted High-Flow Downpipe

    Not sure if your area falls the ECU check also. Here in California they check if your ECU has been tampered(modded). California always start shit up and other states will soon follow. Also not a lot of aftermaket companies want to pay CARB for those E.O # (like PRL)
  2. Drop-In Filters

    Changing your air filter is one of those things that "we" car enthusiast do first to our car. Whether it makes a lot of power difference or not. Whether it's a drop-in or full intake set (usually to look good at car shows) we do it anyways. Tuning and a dyno run will really show any...
  3. What this dealer wanted for an FL5!

    You got to remember, "those" guys who buys the FL5 now at the ridiculuos price are usually the one that has a YouTube channel and help paid for the car through their channel by having content. So with their regular job(if any) is the reason they paid that price. "To be one of the first"
  4. Mid pipe question.

    I have an Invidia R400 exhaust that came with the mid pipe(the one after the Cat). I was wondering if other after market exhaust that doesn't come with a mid pipe be installed using the Invidia mid pipe. Like, if the Greddy HG Supreme SP can be installed using the Invidia mid?
  5. Does Garmin Express suck for everyone...or is it just me?

    I never had problems updating mine. I just do it for the hell of it. I'm always using Android Auto.
  6. What exhaust is the best for the type r

    Exhaust post has been beaten to death. Sound/tone are dependent on the person. Some say "it's to drone" while some say it's not. Attend some car shows and that is the best way to figure out which one is to your liking. That's what I did.
  7. FK8 vs FL5 interesting result

    I don't like it when some of these "reviewers" describe the FL5 a "mature" looking compared to the FK8. THERE'S NOTHING MATURE about this car. It's a Civic. They should say : "a more subtle design." Too me the term "mature" describe cars like Audi,BMW 5-7 series and Lexus. My 2cents.
  8. My experience with AWE.

    I remember back in the day this set up would be mocked at because it's nothing but 1 muffler with a trident tip. You can get a good muffler shop to do the same thing on the cheap.
  9. Downpipe Inquiry

    That's good info. That's why a lot of people hate California. California should be the capital of the U.S. because they are trying to deditate what they want to other states.
  10. Official: 2023 Civic Type R (FL5) U.S. Pricing: $42,895 💰

    Was it this high of a mark up with the 2017 when it first came out? Can't really remember.
  11. Downpipe Inquiry

    Wait....your in Philly, why would you be concern if its CARB legal. The "C" is California. I would check your local emission standard and find out. Unless California is that powerful that they dedictate what other states can and can't do.
  12. Fk8 install rear seat air outlet

    That's a lot of work just to have vents for the back. I just tell my passengers if it gets hot to roll down the window.😄
  13. Possibly moving into a new platform

    The CTR has always been FWD. Hasn't deviated. What you should have quoted: "dismissing the CTR because they put an EcoBoost in it." I never really like when car manufacturers pass a car along when it's "core" is actually something else. Remember back about the Starion/Conquest TSI. Now you...
  14. FK8 (LE) and FL5 together

    The FL5 looks like a regular Civic with Type R badges BUT of course your gonna have the FL5 owners justify their purchase.
  15. Dash Cam

    I bought this one and seems to work pretty well. Video quality is pretty clear.
  16. Ok gas prices are getting ridiculous....Regular in this car?

    By the owner's manual it does say "91 octane recommendation" and using lower octane, you will lose performance. I wouldn't use 87 on my car. My R does get pretty good MPG. I had to put it in "comfort" for a couple of mile cause the road here sucks.
  17. What oil is everyone using ?

    Eneos with Purolator Boss filter.
  18. Double checking these wheels before I BUY !!

    Now I will be going 255/30/19 if or when I lower it.
  19. Double checking these wheels before I BUY !!

    I'm already running 265/35/19 for awhile now not even lowered and no rubbing. Even in comfort.
  20. PRL Titanium Turbo Inlet Pipes IN STOCK

    Pls. get your stuff CARB approve so I can max out my credit card.