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  1. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Thus ends the LE ADS thread. 🫡
  2. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Yall should make a LE ads thread. Haha
  3. Type R Owners: What's your annual income?

    I think buying cars cash is just bad business. My opinion. buying firearms in cash sure. They dont really depreciate unless its a hi point. ☠️ I have bought motorcycles in cash but they’re cheap enough in general.
  4. Not mine, thoughts? Please be as honest as possible!

    Not a fan of the wheel color but at the end of the day your driving it home. So you do you. Just dont be a weeaboo with anime stickers all over it. There is a black on in Fort Worth that is.
  5. When was the last time you saw another Civic Type R on the road...?

    I saw an aegean blue one on 287 yesterday here in fort worth. Im sure its the one i seen every once in a while.
  6. Front Suspension Scratching Wheels

    Pull wheel and see whats part has scraping damage when contacting wheel. Go from there
  7. What this dealer wanted for an FL5!

    So now if you buy, you are a double knuckle head. We already have ADM but with much higher interest rates. The fed just went up another 25 basis points recently.
  8. CTR LE or Golf R?

    Lots of good points here. the fk8 is one of those cars that is an anomaly. Its wild, totally different and comes once in a blue moon. my teenagers love it. so do their friends. even these young minds know its special.
  9. 2017/18 vs 2020/21

    2020-21 has a lot of improvements. I posted in another thread. People here just point out the negatives. Google it but here you go.
  10. What did you do to your Type R today?

    yeah the shame is real. 🤣
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Ive seen a lot of hatches/sedans with the type R wing and when they see me coming by on the highway they slow down and get over to the far lane. You know you look dumb with that wing and all stock.
  12. CTR LE or Golf R?

    I dont know what a myp is. But id never buy a vw product. So the choice is obvious.
  13. FL5 forged wheels on FK8

    Nice i was thinking of doing this too. But probably too much grey with my paint.
  14. Rear Wing - Street Use vs. Track Day ease of removal and replacement

    2020-21. Has useful improvements. “new lower-friction ball joints and updated bushings for the front suspension, revised rear bushings that are stiffer laterally, and retuned adaptive dampers that now sample the road 10 times quicker. The front brakes are fitted with more fade-resistant pads...
  15. Rear Wing - Street Use vs. Track Day ease of removal and replacement

    You didnt buy one yet from what i gather. Perhaps buy the new one. Be happy with what you buy and don’t compromise. The fk8 is an uncommon car for uncommon car people.
  16. FK8 valves after 40K miles w/no oil catch can

    Honda did well. I believe the OCC benefits those who do short commutes or running at the track. If you drive highways mostly than a lot of that condensation wouldnt be there in your can sample. Also there is the aspect of oil you are using. If it has the latest strict certs from...
  17. What this dealer wanted for an FL5!

    Well your on a car forum so…..
  18. What this dealer wanted for an FL5!

    Final bid 49k. Reserve not met. Sorry Juan.
  19. FL5 models will be built in China?

    Curious what china car companies will make knock off type r cars. It happened to tesla in china. fl5 will be the bastard type r if such comes to pass.