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  1. Went Autocrossing for the First Time

    I quickly realized how badly i needed 200W tires and better brake pads haha. As long as you learn to respond to the feedback your car is giving you shouldn't have any issues.
  2. Went Autocrossing for the First Time

    I'll be honest, it depends on the driver. When I went the first time I wasn't exactly pushing my car to the limit as I was getting a feel for the car itself. Once i got confident and learned the track that made me start to look at the weaknesses. Outside of insurance, all the expensive items...
  3. Went Autocrossing for the First Time

    I know you asked about Autocross, but just throwing this out there. I found the track experience to be more enjoyable. This club allows for all day racing, no groups. So you get plenty of seat time and the drivers are friendly and informative.
  4. Nothing ever easy - MAF sensor bolts - need tapping detail

    Yeah their instructions aren't exactly the best as it kind of reads with instructions for two versions rather than just the one that is applicable to the one you actually purchased. I definitely had some trial and error moments installing mine.
  5. Varis fiberglass hood -

    Actually it's made in house. I have friends stationed still at Yokota AB who happened to visit their shop and plus it's well documented they are hand made. Second, I have a real Varis CFRP hood and compared it to numerous replica's at meets. There is a very clear difference in quality. The...
  6. Varis fiberglass hood -

    Not even remotely close in terms of quality but okay LMAO.
  7. Anyone running the HEL Performance Oil Cooler

    The duct is being split between the Oil cooler and the Brake duct. Not sure it's enough to actually affect the brakes as much as Pad/Rotor choice and or track.
  8. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Granted most cities aren't THAT bad here. Go to any cars and coffee here though and almost all the wild cars have Montana plates. As long as you don't drive like an ass and have a crazy loud exhaust for the most part they won't hassle you. Drive around catless DP with a Tomei exhaust though and...
  9. Washington FS 2018 Type R - Championship White

    My favorite was the way he hyped up the brakes as being superior 😂
  10. 2017/18 vs 2020/21

    Biggest improvement would be the ADS and brakes. Pre face lift owners like to knock or bash the Honda Sensing like it's this bigger deal than it really is and how theirs is a more raw platform.
  11. Varis Arising II Front End

    Looks great man, how long was your wait on the bumper? Are you stationed at Nellis btw?
  12. California Radium Dual catch cans! Brand new

    Willing to separate the cooling tank?
  13. Nanking CRS vs Continental ExtremeContactForce

    I’m running the Nankangs. 265/35 on 18x9.5’s. I’m lowered on Swifts but had my fenders done a week after install cause of rubbing. Love the performance they hold really well.
  14. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Those are gonna look great Chris…got me thinking about picking them up at some point 😂
  15. Mugen replica wing

    I mean you do you fam, but authentic parts are the way to go…
  16. Need Brake + Rotor recommendations

    Keep in mind you will need the scanner tool to properly do the rear brakes. Some members here have had hit or miss success with doing the rear brakes on their own. To me its better piece of mind to have the dealership do the rear, but that's just me. The front is very easy though.
  17. Upset with King!!!

    They usually stand by their product for small defects, but damn that's not good at all.
  18. California - Intake/Downpipe?

    TBH, any intake should be easy to swap out back to stock. DP on the other hand is going to be a pain in the ass. If you keep the stock heatshield on you should be fine with a catted DP( I have a Rv6), as it isn't as noticeable and could pass a visual inspection if they don't really know what...
  19. WTB Front Splitter. What are your opinions?

    Most of the guys that I have gone to the track with are running Racebred. Made me a believer in it after doing a ride a long 🤣