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  1. Texas Sold: FS: Used KTuner V2

    Figured I have a better chance of selling this to a 1.5T owner than a Type R owner, unfortunately I don’t have the original box it came in, comes with the 2 cables, asking $375 SHIPPED PayPal goods and services.
  2. Texas Sold: FS: Used KTuner V2

    I have a used unlocked KTuner V2 that I had since May 2018, switched to Hondata in May 2019, unfortunately I don’t have the original box for it, comes with the 2 cables. $375 SHIPPED
  3. Nissan Z

    Very excited to see what’s in store for the new Z, I might add this to my vehicle line up or trade in my CTR.
  4. Spoon Driveshaft Set edit: I just realized I put this thread in the wrong section lol
  5. The Great Shifter Debate

    As many of you have known I have the luxury of trying out both shifters, here’s my take on both: Acuity shifter: I love the direct feel and firmness of this shifter, and that you can adjust the gear throw more on this shifter. It takes a while to break in since this car isn’t my daily driver...
  6. FK8 Inlet Pipes

    One from Puerto Rico $675 One from Titanium Lab $850 One from Rampage Fab $949 One from PRL $499
  7. Ultimate Racing Fuel Pump Kit
  8. Ultimate Racing FK8 Turbo Kit
  9. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Surprised none of you mofos posted about this, they’re available for purchase now, I should have mines installed in October....
  10. GruppeM Intake FK8

    It’s only fitting that I post this because I had already purchased this intake before it was officially announced, yes it’s identical to the Blitz intake. A link for people interested in purchasing one:
  11. Ultimate Racing Exhaust FK8

    I think it sounds nice imo...and might be my next exhaust.
  12. Rolloface Brake Rotors

    It’s always nice to have a brake upgrade for that track drive or to avoid someone pulling out in front of you....
  13. HPS Intake for FK8

    I’ve heard of this brand but never tried their products, it costs more than the Injen intake, there’s also mixed reviews online about the HPS intakes lol. I might get this for shits and giggles up until PRL releases their intake..... Red intake...
  14. Close Calls With Your CTR

    I know there’s good and bad drivers out there, I’m myself a decent driver, maybe we can learn from others in this thread. This is the one that pissed me off the most: Second month of ownership, I’m driving home, it’s a 2 lane road with 2 lanes on the opposite direction. This moron in a lifted...
  15. J’s Racing Strut Bar

    My guess on price is $240
  16. Seeker FK8 Super Shift
  17. 4 Piston Racing K20C1 Short Block

    Saw this in one of the FB groups: With Ferrea releasing valvetrain parts for the K20C1 and PRL Motorsports working on a turbo upgrade kit, things are looking good for next year.... Roller rocker arms
  18. Kakimoto Exhaust Systems

    Honestly I’m not a fan of the sound on all 3 lol