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  1. In Search of CVT 1.5T car in Las Vegas area

    I am going to shoot you a DM.
  2. Exhaust options on budget

    What is your budget?
  3. 27WON more engine dress up pieces?

    I definitely want to explore the skid plate. I hate the OEM one lol.
  4. 27WON more engine dress up pieces?

    We don't have shrouds for the FK8 yet.
  5. Upgraded Coolant Tank for ALL 10gen (not just FK8)

    Thanks mate, wait till you see how we brand it.
  6. Hondata 1.5 fuel system

    How much boost (psi) was this at?
  7. 27WON more engine dress up pieces?

    Simple question here fam, should we as a company invest in more engine bay and dress-up pieces? LIke more shrouds, or lips, spoilers, etc?
  8. 27won Race RMM

    We get a lot of value from your guys feedback. Really do appreciate it.
  9. Upgraded Coolant Tank for ALL 10gen (not just FK8)

    Right now we are in our validation phase. A lot of driving around to make sure she holds up and no leaks or anything.
  10. Building for 400WHP

    Welcome to part 2 of our 400 horsepower blog series for the L15B7 found in the 10th generation Honda Civic. In part 1 we introduced to you the project of building our spare motor and gave you a sweet tear-down video to check out. Over the next few blogs, we will dive into greater detail on what...
  11. Building for 400WHP

    All done on stock coil packs actually.
  12. Building for 400WHP

    lol, should we just make that piston ring compressor lol? it was sweet.
  13. Building for 400WHP

    I am not a fan of plastigauge. I never use it. I feel I always get way more accuracy with my dial bore gauge. I use that on everything.
  14. Building for 400WHP

    Oh yeah, I see, that Axion kit is exactly what we did. We just pieced it together as opposed to buying a kit from them. Nice they make it easy and bundle it up. It's actually an Accord 2.0L GDI pump and injectors and then a jumper harness for the plugs. That FK8TD one is cool. I like how it has...
  15. Building for 400WHP

    If you are looking to stretch out the powerband as you say, so rev out to like 7500-8000 rpm then you will for sure want the valve springs and retainers and in your case the upgraded oil pump. Getting north of 400hp on just the 93 octane will not be easy. it will require a lot of fuel. Are you...
  16. Building for 400WHP

    Can you post a link to that kit? I am not familiar with it.
  17. Building for 400WHP

    That I cannot say, Anything is possible though.
  18. 27WON FK8 Turbocharger Upgrade (The one the forum asked for)

    @27won Kuro FK8 Drop in Turbo on the dynapacks with a 116WHP increase over baseline. This turbo charger is action packed from 2800 RPM all the way to redline. Diego's PPM FK8 cranking out 425WHP on a stock fuel system, Street MAF housing, E30 and full bolt on's part catalog. 425WHP/419WTQ 26PSI
  19. Do you buy track day insurance?

    Personally have never bought track insurance. I understand my risk and take them in this case. knock on wood lol