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  1. Diode Dynamics Elite Fog Lights

    Not sure about the backlight as I was not interested in hooking it up, you can tell they are yellow when off. However they are not as in your face yellow as some others. More subtle when off, but intense yellow when on.
  2. Washington Diode Dynamics Elite Series Yellow LED fogs

    These are very nice fogs, just put a set of these on my car a few weeks ago. GLWS.
  3. Tennessee Parting Out

    Good seller, everything was as it was supposed to be. Thanks again man.
  4. Apexi n1-x exhaust?

    Not sure about Si but I can speak for the quality and fitment for fk8. It’s very nice quality, fits perfectly and sounds just right. Looks so good too. +1 to Josh, got me the best price of anyone. No regrets paying the little extra $ over the more popular options.
  5. Exhausts IN STOCK! Year end SALE!

    Exhaust was delivered today, thanks again for the great price and service.
  6. South Carolina FS OEM 2019 Type R Parts

    Good dude. Shipped fast and kept me up to date. Thanks.
  7. Ohio Fifteen52 Holeshot RSR 19x9.5 45 et with 265/35/19 Michelin Alpin winter performance tires

    Legit dude, appreciate the quickness on getting that spare tire kit deal handled. Thanks man.
  8. Anyone have this part to sell?

    I was aware this option exits, thanks for the input.
  9. Anyone have this part to sell?

    Part was damaged removing stock intake. The small piece on the top broke off. If anyone has one to sell let me know. Thanks.
  10. What did you do to your Type R today?

    No more fake vents to look at.
  11. Wheels and tires

    Can say for sure that It doesn’t rub at all with +45 offset.
  12. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Added some cheap eBay vinyls today, carbon fiber vinyl stripe over OEM red. Door decals and the badge number decal on wing. Not sure how I’m liking the decals but loving the red stripe delete. Apologies for low quality phone pic. Looks cleaner after removing the transfer tape lol.
  13. Pennsylvania WTB: Stock Wheels

    Cool man, champ white here in so chas. I always see your car when I’m in my old truck, never when I’m in the R lol.
  14. Pennsylvania WTB: Stock Wheels

    U r in St. Albans? Is your car SGP? Pretty sure it’s the only other R I’ve seen in the Charleston area.
  15. 18" Tire Size: Any reason not to get 255/40s?

    I’ve read the similar things as well. I went +45 offset so likely won’t be an issue with a more mild drop, which is what I would go for.
  16. 18" Tire Size: Any reason not to get 255/40s?

    255/40 will check all those boxes and look best at stock height. That’s what I went with for now, may lower it later and adjust tire size then.
  17. Best Performance All Seasons for 18x9.5" Wheels?

    Agree, these tires perform great for all seasons.
  18. Best Performance All Seasons for 18x9.5" Wheels?

    255/40 looks good with stock height.
  19. Crashing Classic Hondas on the Dragon

    Wish I had known about this, definitely want to check out the next one.