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  1. South Carolina 10th gen clutch kit/package and Si turbocharger

    Clutch package/kit pending sale.
  2. South Carolina 10th gen clutch kit/package and Si turbocharger

    Got rear-ended a couple weeks ago and my car is totalled. Got a few parts laying around that I never got to install. Action stage #2 clutch kit with aluminum flywheel. Will also come with an oem honda throw out bearing, and 3 quarts of Amsoil synchromesh (all new). - $800 Will ship at buyers...
  3. 1.5T Civic Type R FK8 exhaust on Civic Sport FK7

    Like I said, take your time with it and it'll come out perfect. It's pretty easy to do.
  4. 1.5T Civic Type R FK8 exhaust on Civic Sport FK7

    I used a Dremel with a thin cutting wheel and just took my time with it. Afterwards I put a fresh blade in my utility knife and clean all the edges off.
  5. What about this headlights? just like diamond, is it a new product? I have never seen it before

    No I didn't buy it. Was just showing you the link to someone that has purchased and installed them. I'll wait till the prices come down a bit. Can't justify 1k on headlights myself.
  6. Water beading on windows

    I use The Last Coat on all my windows and also on the side view mirrors. I haven't reapplied another coating on the side windows and mirrors in months and it's still going strong. Whenever it rains or I wash the car, the water sheets off right away. On the windshield it's a little subjective to...
  7. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Took the hid's out to swap in the newest Hikari bulbs (Acme-x). Nothing was wrong with the hid kit, just wanted less wires and more pure with light. Overall pretty happy with the bulbs.
  8. South Carolina Sold: Afe takeda intake non-Si

    Used but in very good condition. No longer need it. $250 obo
  9. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2019 Civic Sport HB Mt Total tuned time: 20 months +/- Tuned miles driven: 30k+ Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V1.2 Tunes used: TSP Stage 1 (map 3 all the time) Fuel used: 93 Additional related mods: 27Won intake, Mishimoto fmic kit, catless dp/fp, modified typeR exhaust...
  10. Plm V2 downpipe feedback

    Doubt it, but why bother getting under the car twice? The Dp is what gives you the most gain between the two. Any gains from just doing the Fp are null to negligible, so getting under the car for just that doesn't make any sense to me. Since you have a tuning device just do the Dp and Fp at the...
  11. Plm V2 downpipe feedback

    I would just wait till you have a tuning device to put the Fp and Dp on. Most of the gains will come from tuning the car, and next will be the Dp.
  12. FK7 // aFe Takeda Momentum Pro 5R Intake

    I had this intake (sitting in a box atm) and I liked it. Currently running a 27Won intake. On hot summer days at red lights it will heat up, but quickly goes back down in temperature as you get moving. Typical of any intake imo. When I changed my front grill to a honeycomb grill I noticed the...
  13. Custom exhaust setups post here!

    Sounds really good to me. With the stock R muffler on it's very civil with no drone. With the aftermarket muffler on it's very deep with no rasp at all. In my opinion having that extra small resonator from the stock R mid pipe really keeps it sounding good. There's alil bit of drone but nothing...