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  1. My First Oil Analysis at 75K miles. OIL DILUTION???

    So I got my FIRST oil analysis at 75k miles on my car. This sample has 7900 miles on it and needless to say, what oil dilution? I did the sample "cold" only 4 minutes of driving so that is where the trace comes from. Also Ive been tuned on @KTuner for 50k hard driven miles from base maps, to...

    Just got word of the new TSB 19-091 extending the warranty to 10 yrs unlimited mileage. Try to get a hi resolution copy EDIT: FULL PDF Below

    Hello friends, I have purchase the TSP Stage 1 Non Si tune and have been using this new tune since Friday and here are my thoughts. I can definitely tell the difference in Starter 21 with all quick adjustments maxed and this tune. I have a beta of the Advanced VSA so when I launch Starter 21...
  4. Jets Vinyl Door Sills

    Recently purchased some carbon vinyl door sill with chameleon lettering and let me tell you, this is high quality stuff. I ordered through @Lume80 and had them in no time. The installation was easy and explained in the installation noted they sent with the vinyl stickers. I love the way they...
  5. TSB for Oil Dilution in the US A18-137

    New TSB in the US for oil dilution.
  6. TST One Take-Eman's 1/4 Mile Record Holding Si

    Just saw Eman's SI on the The Smoking Tires One Take series. Video is awesome. The drive looks amazing and fun.
  7. Morimoto Civic Retro Quick HID Kit

    Has anyone done or have experience with the Retro Quick HID kit for our civics. I have the Elite HID kit now but thinking about getting the retro quick kit...
  8. Ford Kills Civic Competitor Focus/Fiesta and All Small Cars Bombshell dropped. Lots of people cross shopped these cars, especially the performance oriented crowd of the SI/Type R and the ST RS group. Kind of a sad day really but great news for Honda and other small...
  9. First CVT Tuned broke-Replaced Under Warranty

    UPDATE: The dealer is replacing the CVT under warranty. No we don't know what actually happened or what is broke as the dealer is not going to open up the CVT. Once they got the CVT speed sensor code they decided to replace it and sent the request to the tech line where it was approved...
  10. Rear Diffuser set up

    Got my rear diffuser installed and now I need a new exhaust system to finish it out
  11. AC Compressor Leak

    My AC had stopped blowing cold at 21k miles and I thought I had the low charge issue like everyone else. When the service department hooked up my car to charge the system, they could hear a leak. They took the system apart and discovered the compressor was leaking badly and needs replaced...
  12. FS Hondata FlashPro 1.5t Si and non Si

    SOLD For Sale: Flash Pro-Unlocked Hondata FlashPro 1.5t Si and Non Si $550 willing to ship Comes in original box with everything i got new when I ordered it, USB cable, instructions,and Hondata sticker
  13. FS Boomba BOV-Silver

    DFW area. USED Silver Boomba Racing VTA BOV only. Broke the vacuum hose when removing. Otherwise works as intended. Going back to stock. $125 obo, willing to ship at buyers expense.
  14. AF Dynamic Intake with Sound Clip

    I was wanting the Mishimoto Red intake but when they told me it was out of stock until at least July I decided to move on and bought this AF Dynamic red intake. With a flat blade, a phillips and a 10 mm socket I was able to install in under 25 minutes. So far I like it. I have a CVT and you...
  15. Seibon Carbon Wing

    While i was on hiatus.... I received my Seibon Carbon Wing, had it painted Modern Steel Metallic and installed. Makes the rear end look so much better
  16. I'm Back With Some nice Mods

    While i was banned for the last month I added the Seibon Carbon Wing, some 19's and the Morimoto XB LED foglight replacements. How was your last month?
  17. UPDATE: Touchscreen Continually Goes "Back"- No fix added video

    So Ill will be driving down the road and turn my blinker on and the side view camera comes up for a second, then the radio beeps like I pressed "back" the camera shuts off and it goes to the main screen. Then it continually beeps at me like someone is pressing "back" Anyone else experience...
  18. Iphone Screen Lock and Volume

    when I first got the car, while using carplay, if my iphone wasnt locked then the music would only go to 11. Then, for some reason after a service issue I took to Honda, when I got it back, the screen could be unlocked but it would still play full volume. Now it wont go above 11 again while...
  19. Pillar Gauge Pods

    Anyone bought or installed the pillar gauge pods yet? Looking for a place to order them. Looking to add the digital boost gauge an A/F ration gauge and maybe one other. any recommendations? Should I get the wideband A/F?