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  1. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    With more power comes more traction issues, especially for those of us that track. I have some issues at Laguna, definitely found a lot more traction issues at Buttonwillow last weekend. I’m willing to test/provide datalogs if needed.
  2. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    I loaded up the PRL map. I’m currently running PRL DP, FP, intercooler, charge pipes and Mishimoto intake. The mid range is pretty good. Very noticeable. Seems to drop off above 5.5k, I attribute that to the stronger mid range. While cruising at 80 on the freeway it can get you into trouble. One...
  3. Arya the Type R

  4. NorCal Track Days

    There are about 20 of us going June 28th. It’s a speedventures event. Are you on “Nor Cal Civic Type R Club” on Facebook? There is also a “Official California FK8 Civic Type-R Owners Club + West Coast” group as well.
  5. Car and Coffee Laguna Seca Sat Mar 9th

    Anyone going meeting at 730 in the Nob Hill parking lot Salinas. 1320 S Main St, Salinas, CA 93901
  6. Metallic Clicking noise and wheel-hopping while turning at low-speed

    The hopping while it’s cold is the tires. Assuming you’re still on the factory ones. They do not do well in the cold. The window sticker even had a warning that you shouldn’t drive on the factory tires below 50 I think. The tire’s rubber compound will cause the tire to hop.
  7. Northern California Head Count!

    Do we have another thread for Northern California? Sat Jan 5th we are having a cruise/meet-up for Jimmy! He is moving to Florida. Here are the details of your not on Facebook!
  8. Norcal CTR Golfers

    I golf!! Don’t ever accuse me of being good at it thou!!
  9. Northern California Head Count!

    Blackhawk Museum Cars and Coffee. April 1st. Meet at the in-n-out in San Ramon @7AM. Drive over as a group. 2270 San Ramon Valley Blvd.
  10. Uncomfortable seats

    I love these seats. Drivin 900 mile trips a few times and haven’t had one issue. Maybe try some yoga. LOL
  11. Vehicle History

    82 Nissan Sentra harchback(first car) 91 CRX built D16, b16, LSVTEC, B18 GSR, B18 GSR block with B16 head. 2003 Silverado 2002 Civic EX 2006 Pilot EXL 2006 RSX Type S 2004 TL 1997 Civic EX GSR swap 2006 Jetta 2014 Civic Si (black) 2014 Civic Si (White) 2015 CRV (current) 2017 Type R (current)...
  12. Northern California Head Count!

    @UFO CTR there is a Cars and Coffee at Hilltop Mall in Richmond Saturday. Since you don’t have Facebook thought I would let you know. There are a couple people going. I’m at about 90% sure I’ll go. Unless my Downpipe magically shows up tomorrow.
  13. Northern California Head Count!

    Just ordered that too!
  14. The Organized List of CTRs in SF/Bay Area

    I may make it out. For once I don’t have work that weekend.
  15. Northern California Head Count!

    Just ordered my P2R downpipe!! Can’t wait to install it. I’ll let you all know how it goes. Just have to wait for it to come in.
  16. Northern California Head Count!

    What about the P2R?