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  1. Parts Help For Modulo Front Splitter

    Might have to take a punt on a supplier with poor reviews. Bugger lol
  2. Parts Help For Modulo Front Splitter

    Link number two looks good.
  3. Parts Help For Modulo Front Splitter

    Hi Everyone, came back to my car in the car park with this damage. I've just quickly sprayed it to make it temporarily passable. Does anyone know where I can buy a Modulo original or replica of one? I'm in Sydney and can only find two places that sell it and they either have no reviews or...
  4. Fumoto F106N

    Thank you for the answer. Ordering one now ??
  5. Fumoto F106N

    I want the Fumoto F106N so I can attach a hose on the long nipple. Has anyone got this setup on their car to tell me that the long nipple doesn’t get in the way of anything?
  6. Cheap, Permanent Touring Rattle Fix - Insulation Foam

    Thank you. Your post worked a treat. In addition to the wedge, I used some fly screen rubber spline that I had lying around the garage and placed it between the parcel tray/third brake light and the windscreen. The material I chose may breakdown over time, however, so far so good ??
  7. Army Green Type R

    Very very nice!
  8. Its just a civic?

    If by Civic you mean I have an awesome car, then yeah, it’s just a Civic.
  9. This mother fu*%ing TPMS system is going to get me to sell this car…with dealership rant

    Does anyone know how to disable the sensor to help this guy?
  10. Interior Map Lights

    So, you drop off someone somewhere, turn off the car and wait for them. How do get the map lights to turn off automatically? I always have to press the door lock button, but then inevitably, the person returning to the car goes to open the door from the outside and they can’t. Does anyone know...
  11. Why I'm considering leaving the forum

    If you speak at one constant volume At one constant pitch At one constant rhythm Right into their ear They still won't hear
  12. Intentionally Pig Parking Beside Me?

    How did the jerk in the Merc even get out?
  13. 2.0 turbo on 10th gen hatch?

    Has anyone twin scrolled the turbo? Or has anyone gotten another stock turbo and made it a twin turbo? Just curious. Would love to read a blog or article on a car that someone did that to.
  14. Intentionally Pig Parking Beside Me?

    What if you carried that jacket around with you and put it on to enter your car when someone has pig parked beside you. Dang, won’t work coz then you’d get your car too ?
  15. Spiked lug nuts poll.

    Mad Max ??
  16. Don't Drag Race a Sonata N-Line

    Plus the top speeds are vastly different. Did the Sonata cheat by providing shorter gearing overall?
  17. Unfortunate Christmas surprise... ?

    Soooo sorry ? you do your best with parking and someone still whacks it grrrrrrrrrr
  18. New Battery already?>

    Got a D51r-T1. Just needed thicker shims. Works fantastically!
  19. When you come to a stop light and the guy behind you comes to close.

    Hate it especially when trucks do it!
  20. Do you drive with your fogs?

    I can see the sides very very clearly too. I love that safety aspect.