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  1. What are you trading your Civic in for when you're ready?

    i changed my 2018 sport hatch for this insanity 1 year ago. Sadly i forgot honda in 2 days thi is so much more raw and fun. It is Yaris GRMN, dear lord what a little monster this is. It has engine from Lotus elise, 1.8l supercharged 212horses, it weights 1130kg... 6.3sec 0-100km/h, this thing is...
  2. Hello from Europe ;) civic x hatch

    i am so happy toyota has the balls to do this kind of stuff, that yaris GRMN i have feels just raw and brutal, just like hot hatches 20 years ago, my god and that sound... supecharger pulling air whistle and angry hornet exhaust i fucking love this little thing :)
  3. Hello from Europe ;) civic x hatch

    yeah i had swift sport for 11 years :P but this toyota yaris is another level animal :)
  4. Hello from Europe ;) civic x hatch

    well this is the end with civic x for me, i just got myself a new toy and sold my civic but americans cant enjoy it :( it is a 2019 toyota yaris GRMN, 1.8litre ( 109.8 cu in. ) supercharged 212hp little race car... only 600 were ever made 400 for europe and 200 for japan, this is insane...
  5. Lowering Spring HELP!

    yes, go for rear camber arms... i am lowered 2.6"inch in the back and my camber was -2.9... and wear was uneven and 3/4inch of outside tire never touched the road that is bad for handling... so i ordered Hardrace rear camber arm and set to -1.1 rear camber and it is alot of diffrence in handling...
  6. Lug Nuts Help

    get a set of conical lugnuts and replace them yourself... dont use OEM lugnuts on aftermarket rims
  7. KW Coilovers on an SI

    when my ST X coilovers get bad, i will replace them with ST XTA, if anything this car needs it is front camber, why KW V3 dont have front camber plate is beyond me... lowered 2" front with guide pin removed i sit at -0.7 camber and when doing some spirited mountain driving you can feel...
  8. Will dealer do strut guide pin removal?

    the dealer did coilovers instalation for me, and they removed pins...
  9. KW Coilovers on an SI

    KW bought the ST, ST now uses KW technology to make entry level coilovers, same technology but not so good materials... i have ST X coilovers on sport hatch and i like them alot...
  10. What do you look for in an aftermarket Coilover?

    i have ST X, and i should get XTA, they are the same but XTA have front camber adjustment... like i said this car need some front camber for cornering :)
  11. What do you look for in an aftermarket Coilover?

    for my coilovers i checked internet for reliability and driveability so they are not to hard or to soft... and of here in europe they must have TUV, so they can be homologated.. i pulled the trigger on ST Coilovers (company is owned by KW) not to expensive around 900$... springs on them are 2.5x...
  12. Sometimes it's just the little things that make a big difference

    i still have all the stock swaybars i dont really intent to change them, but going for better tires and coilovers made a massive diffrence for me... i am lowered a little more than 2 inches and springs are almost 3 times stiffer, and car rides like a dream through corners... love it i am always...
  13. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    i dont like the manual gearbox at all... it is just not smooth, it feels like pulling a stick through some gravel :) but the 1 think that i hate the most is damn automatic windshield vipers... omg that shit is so irregular that drives me nuts... total garbage :/
  14. How Low is My Hatch?

    yes i measured from car i got to drive while my gas pump is being replaced by warranty :P
  15. How Low is My Hatch?

    stock height is 38cm or 14.96INCH
  16. How Low is My Hatch?

    i have ST coilovers, i removed rear perch and used stock rubber one to get more low in the back... ofc front and rears maxed out height from center wheel to fender is 12.8INCH or 32.5cm in the FRONT 12.4INCH or 31.5cm in the BACK stock height is 38cm or 14.96INCH
  17. Best performing lowering springs?

    if you really want to throw your car around corners go for coilovers with rear camber arms and front camber plates... this car needs front camber badly for serius driving...
  18. Back pain from the Civic's seats?

    owner of civic sport 2018, seat sucks, hard to find decent spot, any kind of aggresive driving and my ass slide around the seat... and i am 6ft 220lbs... and no mater how i seat there is always something bothering me on my left thigh...
  19. Skunk2 Pro ST Coilover kit: creaking noises from rear

    aftermarket suspension makes noises many times... my advice to forget about it... it is probably sway bar...