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  1. California J's Racing FX-PRO Full Titanium Exhaust 70RS FK8

    Hello All! Deciding to part ways with one of the last remnants of my FK8. What I thought would be a permanent garage ornament will be funding another project. I have for sale my J's Racing FULL titanium exhaust. Purchased some time ago from @123sillyboy123 . He kept it in excellent condition...
  2. California FS: Varis Arising-I CF Front Lip + Varis Arising-II Side Skirts with CF Underboards

    Hello All! For sale: Varis Arising-I CF Front Lip (All hardware Included) Varis Arisinf -II Side Skirts with CF Underboards (All hardware Included) $2200 obo Any questions, please feel free to DM Now Shipping
  3. California F/S Potentially selling my 2017 CW CTR 5600 Miles SoCal

    Hello CivicX, Gathering interest on whether to part out or sell complete the way she stands. I would also need advice on pricing AS-IS or 100% Stock. Thank you in advance I'm the OG owner, clean title, no accidents, 5600 miles on the clock (will probably go up ever so slightly), northing...
  4. California F/S Clutch Masters 08620-HDCL New

    Hello CivicX! Going a different route with my build. Selling a brand new Clutch Masters Kit P/N 08620-HDCL. Brand new. Opened box to takes pictures. $620 + Shipping $500 + Shipping Located in Northridge for pickup
  5. California Sold: F/S PRL P600 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade NEW In-hand

    Hello CivicX! Going a different route with my FK8. Selling my brand new (in hand) PRL P600 Drop-In Turbocharger. Opened the box for picture purposes only. Located In Northridge, CA for pickup. $2750 + Shipping Thank you
  6. California WTB: FK8 2017-2019 CW Rear Bumper

    I’m in SoCal. Looking to buy a FK8 CW 17-19 Rear Bumper. Thanks ?
  7. I'm just a meatball trying to be a steak

    Good Morning All! I managed to snag the new PRL P600 drop in turbo on the 1st batch, which I'm excited about. During my last tune, we empierced some slippage of the clutch on the Dyno and want to tackle this issue alongside the turbo installed. I'm currently trying to decided what clutch setup...
  8. Delete please

    Sorry dble post
  9. Varis Arising Side Skirts

    Back at it again with the Varis parts! @artofattack messaged me that the side skirts arrived! Decided to take a trip down there and drag the wife along (carpool purposes ? ). I’ll unwrap these guys when it cools down a bit and take pics. Car goin back in the shop Monday for mock up and paint...
  10. Varis CF Hood Install and paint

    Hello all! Thought I would share the install and paint of my Varis CF hood. I ordered from VividRacing back in October 2019 and received it approximately 8 months later (last month in June). Due to the high demand and Covid issue, it took a LITTLE longer than expected. She’s getting ready for...
  11. Varis CF Hood

    After almost a 7 month wait, she finally arrived on my doorsteps and straight to the body shop! Thanks to Tiffany @VividRacing. Car is currently getting Hondata Fuel Upgrade + Flex Fuel Kit installed and dynod. Should be in the shop next week for prep and paint!
  12. Varis CF Lip

    After 6 months, she arrived yesterday! CF hood was suppose to arrive at the same time, but due to the high demand and circumstances we are in, I’m looking at June/July for drop date. Regardless, I’m extremely happy with the product! Thanks to Tiffany @VividRacing for keeping me in the loop and...
  13. J’s Racing Titanium Exhaust

    Thanks to @123sillyboy123, I’ve acquired his J’s Racing Titanium Exhaust. Couldn’t wait to install it. Here is a quick sound vid I made. Any questions or want other sound aspects, let me know!
  14. WTB: BMSec Spoiler Extension

    If anyone has one for sale or a lead please feel free to share the info ;-)
  15. Streets of Willow 3/31/19

    Inviting anyone in the SoCal area to caravan to Streets of Willow Sunday March 31st. Let me know!
  16. WTB: TE37s 18 x 9.5 +38

    In the market for a new set of wheels. Haven’t decided on the color, but I’m open. In SoCal and willing to pay for shipping if the price is right. Thanks
  17. Big Willow 1/13/18

    Hello All! I had been reluctant to drive my Civic Type R ,since purchase, because I felt like city driving would not do the car justice (especially living in LA). So a few friends and I scheduled to participate at XtremeSpeed’s Big Willow event. This is my 3rd time at a track, once at...
  18. Delicacy of black plastic trim

    Hello All! I just want you guys/gals to be aware of how delicate the black plastic trim is. After washing/waxing my CTR, I noticed some sap on the driver side headlight trim (due to parking under a tree for less than an hour). Now I've used this method before on several of my cars without an...