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    Thanks for following along. Currently I’m running some stock size 16’s. 215/55. Planning on changing because the tires suck. Something more sticky. I have a line on some summer 205/55R16 tires that are a bit undersized from stock. It keeping in mind at ~2500lbs I don’t need tons of tire width to...
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    You’d like my build thread lol. I can confirm as being all stock 6MT. But with ultra light wheels and 250lbs weight reduction, the car is *completely* different from stock in regards to pull.
  3. $50,000 for a low mileage 20 year old Si. Would you do it?

    this x1000000 All the broke jokes saying you should buy something else don’t get it. This is “the” EM1. “The” color. “The” miles. Go find another one like it. I’ll wait here........ ok no others right? Now take someone worth a million+. 50 grand?! That’s nothing. The current type r will never...
  4. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    Yea I’m sure it’s heavy. Just stuck because I don’t want the weight, but I also don’t want the crazy loud exhaust. And the K20C2 has a whooping 2 aftermarket options. A dual exit magnaflow that is heavy, expensive and wasteful (two pipes?!) then you have Nvidia that is wake the dead loud. And...
  5. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    HPS boot I got on sale at FKX Racing. Way less than HPS website. 57-1596-RED
  6. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    I’ve always disliked the flat black/gray plastic bumper add ons. Particularly in the back. That lower middle diffuser and the side wings with reflectors. So I deleted them......naturally. my car is also about 18 months and 11,900 miles old so I wanted to clean up underneath there anyways. You...
  7. HB folks. Did the tint place charge you more for the rear hatch?

    If installer hand cuts then yes. It’s a bitch. Spoiler gotta come off.
  8. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    Removed a few more things. dash vents Dash underpanel Passenger airbag module Also weighed all screws I’ve removed ^8.5 lbs for all above Current weight = 2,523 lbs 👍 got sick of the cheap looking RPF-1 center caps so I removed them (ironically they are $100 a set!) Also removed the ugly...
  9. Civic AC heading for lawsuit?

    You guys need to give the dealer a break sometimes. A rock to the condenser is normal. A service dept could show you that very easily. You do know a Honda dealer gets paid by American Honda to service the condenser under the warranty extension right? If you are nice to your advisor he might...
  10. Civic AC heading for lawsuit?

    Fight that. It’s EVERY 10th gen civic from 2016+
  11. Civic AC heading for lawsuit?

    If the dealer is charging the A/C and not finding the leak. Well that’s because they can’t find the leak. when leak(s) are found. In order most to least common. 1) condenser 2) compressor 3) suction or discharge lines 4) stuck expansion valve 5) evaporator core (<—- super fun to repair, the...
  12. Si Seat Swap Thread, Again!?

    Dealer can initialize the OPDS and clear the SRS light. Should be about 1 labor hour charge.

    Low voltage codes. Put in a new battery or charge yours. One trip with car with good battery, turn car off. Turn back on. Lights off.
  14. 2nd Gear Sheered Teeth

    great post man. That really explains it well. Out of habit (and having driven stick since 1997), I always do 4th then reverse before backing up. And routinely do 2/3/or4 before first. I’ll have to try the simple clutch out clutch back in as well. Thanks.
  15. Why buy aftermarket exhaust systems?

    not true. I’ve never in all my years of buying exhausts bought one heavier. That’s insane talk. So a K20 RSX-S needs to be making 600 to benefit from larger exhaust? Cue 4piston team answering that nonsense.
  16. Post your ENKEI aftermarket wheels (inspiration needed!)

    TFR 17x8 225/45R17 RPF1 16x7 215/55R16
  17. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    ^215/55R16. Stock size. Temporary. Going to 225/50 16 soon. Or back to 17’s like I had but wider (17x8.5 or 9 and 245 tires)
  18. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    .76 oz. haha kidding. It’s an old center cap I had laying around. It’s just sitting there. Nothing permanent.
  19. LTW Project - warning ugly car inside

    Found a local 2000 Insight with 29k miles. Mocked up a mint condition seat. Looks far better than the stock tan ones.
  20. Any owners here with the 2.0 engine here?

    True. I’m stock tune and I can tell the car is tuned for anything 1/2 throttle of less to really just putter along getting great mpg. Because when I mash it, the car screams and makes all kine good N/A Honda old school sounds. 🤔😀 apparently that gets even better with a tune and downpipe.