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  1. Anyone from OHIO

    What kind of shop are you looking for?
  2. Mishimoto's 2017 Type R Intake R&D Thread

    I also used a dremmel. They are breakaway worm clamps. when you tighten them to a certain point the head breaks off.
  3. Mishimoto's 2017 Type R Intake R&D Thread

    Just got done installing mine!! @Mishimoto did a great job with this intake. It sounds great and the install was effortless!!
  4. Mishimoto's 2017 Type R Intake R&D Thread

    It would be scheduled to arrive while I'm out of town for work! Oh well, it'll be waiting for me when I get home!
  5. Mishimoto's 2017 Type R Intake R&D Thread

    Their phone system was down for a little bit. It is back up and running. Just give them a call and update the info. I had a CC declined today as well. I called. Phones were down. I emailed them right away. Not long after they called me back and got everything squared away. Should have my intake...
  6. Mishimoto's 2017 Type R Intake R&D Thread

  7. Thermal Exhaust

    If they had these tips in the beginning I may have went with thermal instead of aFe
  8. aFe Exhaust

    Can you link the resonator you used?
  9. aFe Exhaust

    Can we get some sound clips of it. Id love to hear the comparison to just the aFe
  10. aFe Exhaust

    I had some rattling in mine a few weeks after i put it on. it turned out that one of the clamp bolts was touching and rubbing on a part of the heat shield. this was also very random and i couldnt reproduce it by wiggling the exhaust around. I got under the car and saw where it looked like it was...
  11. aFe Exhaust

    in this video, that sound exactly like what I hear. If yours is worse than thats terrible. I mean it is pretty droney but not unheard of
  12. aFe Exhaust

    Maybe a little... not too much. you didnt do the res delete option did you? I dont know why yours would be any different. i installed mine myself.
  13. aFe Exhaust

    mine drones nowhere near this bad. i put my key fob there sometimes too and this does not happen
  14. aFe Exhaust

    "too much drone" is open for debate. Where some people might be able to live with it, it is way too much for others.
  15. What are you doing with stock exhaust?

    I ended up keeping mine. I got a friend with a truck to drive it home. I made some hangers to mount on the garage wall and hung it up.
  16. aFe Exhaust

    I've got drone as well, but I didn't think it was too terrible. I can still talk to my wife at a normal level without issue. It doesn't bother me too much
  17. KTuner For Type-R - Now Available

    Ah! I must have missed that part. Thank you.
  18. KTuner For Type-R - Now Available

    Still need to send the ECU in see. I was really hoping someone would find a way around this. Out of curiosity, can you share what you have to do with the ECU to unlock it? I guess when I go to tune my car ill need a rental car. What is the expected turn around time on this?