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  1. Type R passenger seatbelt is backwards?

    i have had a hand-full of crv's come into the shop with this complaint, sure enough the belt tongue is backwards. was able to replace them under warranty. first ive seen it on a civic though
  2. What did you do to your Type R today?

    what wheels/tires are you running for events? and how are you doing in your bracket? i still cant believe we are classed in d street
  3. Official Aegean Blue Type R Picture Thread

    ive never talked with somebody who owns both. how do you think they compare?
  4. Looking for some stock parts

    To make a very long story short a series of unfortunate events at track event left my car a little banged up, mainly in the front/ right front area. so im looking for some help from my friends at CivicX. What I'm hoping to find is some of you guys who have upgraded your oem parts for some...
  5. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    I actually didnt post any pictures i just listed some items to check, can you see that part of the post?
  6. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    DTC P0507: Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected, the troubleshooting for this code is basically just check for vacuum leaks and repair Check for vacuum leaks at these parts: -PCV valve -PCV hose -EVAP canister purge valve -Throttle body -Intake air duct -Intake manifold -All parts...
  7. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    no bulletin, these are just people replacing with aftermarket parts
  8. Faulty keyless entry and self locking

    im pretty late to this post not sure if you have had the issue corrected or not yet. my best guess would be a faulty door handle. the keyless sensor is located in the handle itself. ive actually been seeing this issue quite a lot lately on the newer odyssey and crv, can lock/unlock with the fob...
  9. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    not familiar with code p2099, and actually when i go to look it up there are no results. however, code P0299 is an underboost code so that would make sense. hard to say without being the one diagnosing the vehicle. maybe when the harness was replaced a hose was left disconnected or a wiring...
  10. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    when i first changed the fluid on mine i also thought it "helped" and i still believe it did make things "better", however i was still getting the crunch from time to time
  11. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    Oh god i hate that sound.... its good you have video proof though
  12. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    exactly what he said. this is the outside air temp sensor. this is what displays the temperature reading on your cluster and this is where they mount, behind the bumper.
  13. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    generally speaking it does not matter, any honda dealer has to honor your factory warranty. with that being said ive seen plenty of times in my own personal dealer where people might not be as inclined to go above and beyond for somebody who didnt purchase the vehicle there. i see all the time...
  14. Anyone else experiencing Spark knock? random but consistent

    the first thing i must ask is are you sure your not just hearing the injectors clicking? the injectors on our direct injection vehicles are very noisy, much more so then conventional port injection systems. i have to ask to rule it out. (focusing on the noise complaint) my second guess is...
  15. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    there has been a few responses to my original post, in one case another tech tore the trans apart and posted pictures of some chewed up syncro teeth but he did not say which gear (im assuming 2nd) i asked him to provide more info on what he found and what he ultimately replaced but he never...
  16. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    no worries man i dont take offence to any comments you make! ive worked with some shady characters and still work with some lazy bums. this is a big job and even though its straight forward theres always things that can go wrong. obviously a job like this especially on a car like this would be...
  17. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    great videos @jsyar , very sorry you're experiencing the issue. although im still hopeful the more recorded cases of this, especially ones with video proof will help our cause. still no official word of the root cause of this issue. ive seen a few different things going around and more posting...
  18. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    its funny you mention the cross threaded bolt actually, i had to replace the turbo on a 17 crv and actually found a cross threaded bolt aswell, only option was to snap it off and replace it. gotta be a manufacturing/assembly issue.
  19. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    right now only the 2017 is in the bulletin because the 2018 came from the factory with the "updated harness"
  20. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    the solenoid isn't the problem. the problem is the wires break at the crimps on the terminal pins, creating an open circuit. thats why they want the harness replaced.