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  1. New York WTB: OEM Type R Exhaust

    I’ve got one; taken off a brand new fk8 with 11 miles. How much are you offering?
  2. Wheel fitment question.

    255 and you won’t rub. I’m on Swift springs and run 18x9.5 38et and I don’t rub. I did have to bend the tabs up in the front.
  3. 2021 Civic Type R LE Transit and Dealer spreadsheet

    I had the first right of refusal for the only LE type r Faulkner Honda got and I turned it down due to $10k adm. Faulkner Honda is approximately 30 miles from York springs area.
  4. Ohio FS/ Volk Racing ZE40 Diamond Dark Gunmetal 19x9.5+45 W/Sport Cup 2 265/30/19

    Would you happen to have a photo of these on your fk8? I’m very interested
  5. Got myself a new Honda Civic Type R in WHITE Color

    Congrats! You picked the best color!
  6. NSX Wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - PRICE DROP!

    Price drop: $3k picked up Someone buy this!
  7. NSX Wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - PRICE DROP!

    Bump Shipping (freight) is so expensive with the tires and all. Hopefully there is someone local that can appreciate these.
  8. NSX Wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - PRICE DROP!

    I can ship, I’ll have to get a quote and get back to you. I’m thinking ups freight would be the cheapest?
  9. NSX Wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - PRICE DROP!

    I’ll miss my R. It was bittersweet tbh.
  10. Sold: NSX Wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - PRICE DROP!

    SOLD Traded the R in for a Supra; Selling: 4 NSX Wheels (19x8.5 55 offset 5x120) Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires 255/35/19 Road Force Balanced with black wheel weights Ceramic Coated (4 layers) Less than 500 miles on them Includes color matched Honda Center Caps Perfect condition Located in...
  11. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    19” NSX Wheels 19x8.5 et 55 255/35/19 Michelin PS4S
  12. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    19x9.5” et40 265/30/19 Michelin PS4S On Swifts, used to rub in the front but I don’t rub anymore after bending the tabs. Rear never rubbed. Initially pulled the front camber pins but high speed straight line was “nervous”. Put the pins back in and drives perfect.
  13. Need help with Hondata (resolved)

    It won’t happen again at least with this particular flashpro as the seller didn’t want it back so I trashed it. I did not get a photo of the unlocked screen, I took his word on it.
  14. Need help with Hondata (resolved)

    I did buy it used. Nothing shows in history But I did find this: my vin is circled in yellow Bought it here on this forum and it seems that the unit is still locked to another vehicle. I’ve been in contact with the seller and he says he “processing the refund” - I also filed a dispute with...
  15. Need help with Hondata (resolved)

    It’s not the ECU at this point. I just cannot load anything onto the flashpro itself. Error when trying to load 2019 tune onto the flashpro: Error when trying to load 2017 tune onto the flashpro: