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  1. Metallic vs flat paint?

    Agreed. Definitely don't let car wash brushes touch your car. And if you do wash it yourself, lean how to do a 2 or 3 bucket wash to avoid swirl marks.
  2. Unofficial 2016 Civic (WHP) dyno, 0-60 mph and quarter mile time

    Why dual VTC and not VTEC for the 1.5T?
  3. Official WHITE ORCHID PEARL Civic Thread

    @hondo great closeups! Probably just random chance but having your white fence and house in the background of some pics helps show how metallic white looks different than non-metallic white. :thumbsup:
  4. First modified 2016 Civic Sedan - by Galpin Auto Sports

    I mostly like this. Besides the color I don't think this is riced out. I'm sure we'll see riced out builds to come (SEMA next year). The wheels look good and less aftermarket looking than the accessory wheels they put on the coupe. And they actually used factory springs for the lowering and...
  5. 2016 Civic coupe vs sedan weight and rigidity / stiffness difference?

    Besides being shorter than the sedan, the coupe is probably also lighter due in part to having 2 less doors and all the components/parts that goes with that (electric window motors, hinges, locks, etc.).
  6. 2016 Honda Civic COUPE Preview Event - CivicX Live Coverage

    I saw the image but I'd like to hear something more official and would be nice if we had more specific timing. Who knows they could throw us a bone.
  7. 2016 Honda Civic COUPE Preview Event - CivicX Live Coverage

    1.5L manual transmission available at any point for the coupe?
  8. 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Caught Undisguised!

    The sedan definitely looks more executive. But I think the coupe still looks sportier.
  9. OEM trunk wing spoiler for 2016 Civic sedan

    Funny enough the rock guards look sportier than the tack on rear fender pieces.
  10. Automobile review - 2016 Civic vs 2016 Mazda3 s Grand Touring

    Nice results for the CivicX. :thumbsup: Sounds like the Mazda still has slight edge in performance and feel but the Civic is the better all-rounder, accelerates faster, feels more buttoned down, has better MPG and is cheaper to boot.
  11. European 1.5L Turbo Gets VTEC and Produces 201 bhp (vs 174bhp American) in 2016 Civic

    Honda did the Si badge no favors either with the weak 9th gen offering, which I saw as an actual downgrade compared to the 8th gen Si. Sounds like Honda is trying atone for its 9th gen mistakes by making the CivicX better than anyone expected... so I have hope that they'll do exactly what you're...
  12. Dealer says on-sale date is November 4

    Yea I bet. They know those 2015's might sit for a long while once the 2016 begin arriving. Might be inside for dealer training or even on the showfloor. Seems like dealers only have 1 max so far and it's for training purposes so I doubt there's any extra ones to be sitting on back lots.
  13. Highlight clip from 2016 Honda Civic Indiana production

    Production of any Civics in Japan stopped in August 2010. It stopped domestic production of the gasoline engine version for the home market in August and sales stopped at end of 2010. It's pretty interesting if you go Honda's Japan website -
  14. Our 2017 Civic Type R hatchback preview based on spy photos

    Damn looks even better with the black wheels and other blacked out body parts like that. That's pure Honda colors right there with the White, Black, Red.
  15. 2016 Civic Si available March 2016, Type-R info/preview at 2016 Geneva Motor Show?

    I'd love to see an Si this modified from the base models but what would that leave for the Type R? This already has brembos, wide fenders, high spoiler.
  16. 2016 Honda Civic vs 2016 Audi A3 Comparison

    I don't think the A3 has enough length to pull that off well. It'll end up looking like the end is melting like the Mercedes CLA. The CivicX front wins. A3 front is boring (need the S3 to match the looks of the Civic). A3 wins side view. Shorter overhangs and high door line looks sportier...
  17. 2016 Civic Si or 2017 Civic Si model year?

    The first to second model year transitions of new generations always tend to have an unusually short life. I gotta give it up to Honda, it's an ambitious rollout for 2016 --- sedan, coupe, 5 door hatch and Si. That's a heck of a lot in a short model year.
  18. Car & Driver says "1.5T 6 speed only a matter of time"

    Agreed. No way in hell that the Type R (or even the Si) comes with anything less than a manual and at most an auto option. I still dont see that happening though. The Type R is going to stay hardcore and its limited volume and market base will keep it that way. The only reason I can fathom them...
  19. 2016 Honda Civic production has begun!

    Great news. :thumbsup: So will the Civics produced there only be bound for Canada sales or other markets also?
  20. Official 2016 Honda Civic Pricing (Invoice / Retail) revealed!

    $25k or under would be great for the Si. Question tho is at that price what features/amenities it'll come with. It won't be as stacked with equipment as the touring since that's just about the price of the touring model. This is some great pricing across the board btw. The EX-L price increase...