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  1. My 2017 Hatchback Dash Rattle Thread

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.I'll try your method and post the outcome .
  2. My 2017 Hatchback Dash Rattle Thread

    Hi , im facing the same issue ! They fixed the A-pillar but created the rattles from center dash when passing over slightest rough surface .. And this rattle is even louder Did u manage to find a solution?
  3. Mystery vibration rattle found.

    Is Hi , thanks for the tips. Is it the nozzles or the rubber lines ? I will check mine. Am experiencing loud vibrations myself.
  4. Rattle Noise Near Driver Side Dashboard Vent Area

    Thank you for the tips. I had the knocking noise coming from A-pillar (driver's side) . I stuffed some folded papers in between the gaps A-pillar and dash , the sound disappeared. Then I sent the car to dealer for insulation and got back my car with loud rattling noises from the top plastic...